Workshop Series

STEP - Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme

During the early implementation stage of Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL), a workshop series "STEP" - Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme was developed (from 2005-2010) to assist new and experienced academic staff to adapt to the changing nature of the environment in which they work.

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Intended Learning Outcomes of the Programme

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the essential elements in the structure of a 4-year programme of study at CityU;
  • Outline some general principles relating to Gateway Education programmes;
  • Develop constructively aligned Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs), Teaching and Learning Activities (TLAs) and Assessment Tasks (ATs) for their respective programmes and courses;
  • Experiment with new and innovative teaching activities through the deployment of e-learning;
  • Reflect and improve on their teaching practices as professionals.


Programme Outline

With the OBTL project in progress, STEP 2009-10 continues to offer sessions to explore pertinent issues of this important project. On the other hand however, the transition to the 4-year Degree is less than three years away, and the entire University has to gear up for this important, “once in a generation” educational change. OBTL principles are expected to be fully adopted in the 4-year Degree, and the University is expected to bring forward some of the benefits of the 4-year programmes to current cohorts of students. As an example, the University has started to develop Gateway Education (GE) courses which are offered to current student in the 3-year curriculum. To help colleagues prepare for the 4-year transition while moving ahead with OBTL and GE, this season of STEP has the dual purpose of continuing to keep colleagues informed and involved with the transition to the 4-year Degree, as well as continuing with practical examples for OBTL with a particular focus on Transferrable Skills.. Senior colleagues, faculty members and visiting experts will be invited to share innovative practices and experiences.

Session Topic Date


GE-TEACH: Progress Report on City University's Gateway Education Programme Implementation 22 September 2009


Information Sharing Session on the Implementation of the 4-Year Degree 29 September 2009


GE-TEACH: Practising Interdisciplinarity in Gateway Education 6 October 2009


Alerting Students to Their Ethical Responsibility – Plagiarism Prevention & Detection 13 October 2009


Blogging as a Teaching Method to Foster Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking 20 October 2009


Engaging Students in Large Classes 27 October 2009


Using ePortfolios and Reflective Thinking to Scaffold Student Learning 3 November 2009


The First CityU Blackboard User Group Meeting 10 November 2009


Reimagining Classroom Practices: How Can We Create Better Learning Environments for Our Students? 17 November 2009


GE-TEACH: The Gateway Education Outcomes 24 November 2009


Developing Reflective Practice for Professional Advancement 1 December 2009


Promoting Critical Thinking in the Classroom 8 December 2009