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Staff Development Module:
Generic Introduction to Teaching at CityU for New Faculty

Generic Introduction to Teaching at CityU for New Faculty

Have you recently joined the faculty at CityU? Would you like to know more about teaching CityU students? A Generic Introduction to Teaching at CityU for New Faculty will get you acquainted with the educational context and approaches at CityU.

In this online module you will learn some important information about the background of our students, how they live, the challenges they face, and how we can help them to make the most of their undergraduate studies at CityU. You will also get an overview of the outcome based teaching and learning approach used at CityU; an introduction to the Discovery-enriched Curriculum at CityU; and information about further resources available to you as you grow into your teaching as new faculty at CityU.

The module video is about 12 minutes long. Participants take a pre-quiz, work through the video materials, and take the post-quiz for a module. If they score at least 70% on the post-quiz for a given module, they get a digital badge and a Certificate of Completion for that module.

Course Information

Target participants: New Faculty and new F/T teaching staff
Study hours: < ~0.5 hour
Course date*: Offered online throughout the year. Participants can enroll through AIMS
Module coordinator:Dr Paul CORRIGAN

* Participants can enroll anytime during a semester or the summer term and work at their own pace but typically are expected to complete the module by the end of the semester or the summer term.