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TAIT Gallery - An Institution-wide e-Learning Tool for OBTL

TAIT Gallery

The Teaching and Assessment Ideas Tool (TAIT) Gallery is provided as a prompt for you to start thinking about how you can design both Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA's) and Assessment Tasks (AT's) that are constructively aligned. For example, whilst a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) might be an appropriate assessment task for assessing declarative knowledge about concepts or theories (lower level action verbs like 'list' or 'describe'), it would not allow us to assess how well a social work or marketing student functions when interviewing a client. Furthermore, a written assessment task would not be a good indicator of how well a student can do a sales presentation!

Therefore, we have designed this tool to provide some concrete examples of possible constructively aligned, TLA's and AT's. The ideas is that this should get you thinking more about the importance of aligning your intended learning outcomes with your teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks, and provide you with some possible suggestions as a starting point for your own experience, imagination and creativity as teachers.

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