New Faculty Mentoring at CityU

New Faculty Mentoring

CITY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG is committed to support staff development for teaching and learning and to promote Discovery and Innovation, and encouraging continuing professional development of academic staff at all ranks.

A faculty mentoring scheme has been set up for early-career new recruits to help them launch a successful career at CityU. Experienced colleagues serve as mentors and provide advice and other forms of help to their mentees. The primary goal of of this mentoring scheme is to help these new colleagues adapt to the new environment, enjoy their work, and attain high performance standards.

In this scheme, mentoring is viewed as a two-way process and a developmental partnership. Mentors may act as advisors, coaches, role models, problem solvers and networkers to benefit their mentees, while mentees can offer opportunities for their mentors to reflect on their advice and suggestions, and to gain insight about how to take their own careers to the next level.