Frequently Asked Questions Relating to TSG

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to TSG

  1. How can I determine if I am qualified for the scheme?
    For Teaching Start-Up Grants (TSGs), it is only available for new faculty who have joined CityU within the past 24 months and who have not been awarded a TSG before.

  2. What are the major differences of applying TDGs and TSGs?
    The major difference is the funding ceiling. TDGs, the funding ceiling is HK$240,000(Projects involving international or overseas collaboration may request up to HK$270,000 for each project). While for TSGs, the funding ceiling is HK$120,000 per project.

  3. I am now running some project funded by other funding bodies. Am I qualified to apply?
    Yes. As long as you are not running a TDG/ TSG, you are still eligible to apply.

  4. Does the funding cover all expenses incurred in the project, such as overseas travelling, air tickets, conference trips and consultation fees?
    No. The fund will only support activities for direct teaching and learning benefits, advanced teaching methods and implementation of the Discovery Enriched Curriculum. Refreshments, entertainment, financing overseas speakers, supporting overseas travelling/ accommodation/ conferences/ consultations and purchasing personal electronic appliances are not covered.

  5. When can the PI start recruitment or purchase?
    The project implementation can start after the Finance Office assigns a project account code.

  6. What is the main concern for the Approval Panel to approve the project changes?
    With the spirit of running the approved projects as planned, the PI should provide strong justifications about the proposed changes.

  7. Is it feasible to raise a request of budget virement (e.g. from “Staffing” to “General Expense”)?
    If the PI decides to have a budget virement, he/she should provide the justification and supporting document to the Office of EDGE. And EDGE will in turn seek the Panel's approval.

  8. Is it feasible for the PI to transfer the budget from TSG project to other projects?
    Budget transfer among projects is not allowed.

  9. Can the expiration date of a TSG project be extended?
    If the PI plans to extend the project expiration date, he/she should provide the justification and supporting documents to the Office of EDGE. And EDGE will in turn seek the Panel's approval.

  10. If the PI would like to have publication or organize activities (e.g. poster, seminars, etc.), how does the PI acknowledge the funding body?
    Please quote "This project is funded by the University Grants Committee's Teaching and Development Grants".

  11. What should the PI do if there is a change of project team members (e.g. having a new Co-I)?
    The PI should send a request to the Office of EDGE with the recommended Co-I’s resume.

  12. What happens to the on-going TSG project when the PI leaves CityU?
    PI should approach his/her Department Head for a nomination and endorsement of a new PI and notify the Office of EDGE in writing.