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Teaching Grants Database

Teaching Grants Database

List of TDGs/TSGs*/ERGs # Projects

Year Dept Courses Principal
Project Title Grant Type
2013 MGT   Dr Mary Pang Maximising the Study Abroad Experience (6000487) TDG
2010 MGT   KWAN Siu-on Andy Developing an Electronic Database of Contemporary Management Practices in Hong Kong (6000309) TDG
2010 COMCOM2105 COM4504 COM2105, COM4504 CHEUNG Ming A Study on the Impact of Team Dynamics on Creativity in Advertising Design (6000310) TDG
2010 CTL   CHAN Ho-yan Clara An Online Library for Interpretation Training in Hong Kong (6000311) TDG
2010 CTLCTL2532 CTL2532 KENDERDINE Sarah Hybrid Teaching Methodologies: Advancing the Use of Online Video Conferencing to Access Professionals in Industry (6000312) TDG
2010 CTL   YAN Xiu Jackie Putonghua Salon: A Language Learning Enhancement Program for Students and Staff Members in the City University of Hong Kong (6000313) TDG
2010 SS   KWOK Kan Diana Moving Beyond Discriminations–Rewriting Life Stories (6000314) TDG
2010 SS   KWOK Lai Yuk-ching Sylvia Development of an Interactive Web-based Self-learning Package: Integrating Theory into Practice (6000315) TDG
2010 ELC   LUI Yuk-yuen So Eva Enhancing the Usefulness of Automated English Language Diagnostic Feedback to Students (6000316) TDG
2011 SS   LI Chi-mei Jessica Teaching Crime Prevention in Everyday Life (6000317) TDG
2010 BCBC2001 BC2111 BC2514 BC2515 BC3411 BC3747 BC4412 BC5106 BC4639 BC4145 BC2111, BC3411, BC4412, BC5106 FUNG Wing-hong Ivan Development of Safety & Risk Management Programme (SRM Instructor Programme 2010) for Construction & Structural Engineering (CSE) Curricular and Student Project Competition in Construction Safety Planning and Design (6000318) TDG
2010 BCBC2001 BC2111 BC4145 BC3411 BC4412 BC2001, BC2111, BC4145, BC3411, BC4412 LEE Yiu-yin Raymond Student Participation in Building the Learning Environment: Establishing Virtual Database of Construction Standards for Hong Kong (6000319) TDG
2010 BCBC3411 BC4412 BC2111 BC5106 GE2303 BC3411, BC4412, BC2111, GE2303 TAM Chi-ming Development of a Virtual Construction Environment (VCE) Model (Foundation Part) for Construction Planning for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricular (6000320) TDG
2010 BCBC2001 BC2111 BC2514 BC2515 BC3411 BC3747 BC4412 BC5106 BC4639 BC4145 BC2001, BC3411, BC4412, BC5106 WONG Chi-kwong Facility Layout Planning Lab (FLPL): Uses of Tower Crane & Other Heavy Construction Plants (6000321) TDG
2010 BST   CHAN Chak-wa Gary Development of a Sustainable, Student-centered, Teaching and Learning Resources Repository for Construction Students: Integrating In-class and Out-of-class Learning Activities (6000322) TDG
2010 BST BST11315 BST21316 BST11315, BST21316 NG Kung-wing Andy The Development of an Interactive e-Dictionary for Local Construction Practices (6000323) TDG
2010 CS   FONG Shi-piu Joseph
Integrate Facebook with Blackboard for Mobile Learning (6000324) TDG
2010 CS   JIA Weijia
WeFiLab: A Web-based WiFi Laboratory System for Wireless Networking Education (6000325) TDG
2010 CS   TAN Chee-wei Development of Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning (6000326) TDG
2010 EE   CHEUNG Chak-chung Ray Construction of an Open Web-based Platform (EEProg-Wiki) for e-self-assessment of Computing Skills (6000327) TDG
2010 MEEM   SUN Hongyi The Development and Application of the A4 Game for POM Courses (6000328) TDG
2010 SCM   LAI Chiu-han Linda Formation of a Value-rich Peer Community for Continuous, Criterion-referenced and Authentic Assessment (6000329) TDG
2010 CCIV   DUNG Chau-hung Chinese Civilisation Teaching Enhancement Scheme – Featuring the Beautiful Scenery of CityU Campus
中國文化教學優化計劃──以城大景觀為主題 (6000330)
2010 EN   DU-BABCOCK Bertha Development of Presentation Skills for Asian Students through a Guide Book and Integrated Videos (6000331) TDG
2010 EN   PEIRSON-SMITH Anne F Enhancing Learning in the Digital Global Classroom: Preparing Culturally Aware and World Class Graduates (6000332) TDG
2010 SS   NG Sik-hung
Quality of Research Degree Education/Training at the City University of Hong Kong: An Outcome-based Study (6000333) TDG
2010 SLW   BURKE A S Jack DVD Program for PCLL Students to Teach Interviewing and Advising (6000334) TDG
2010 SLW   LAKHANI Avnita Aligning PILOs and CILOs with a Market Assessment of Required Legal Skills for Hong Kong Lawyers of the 21st Century (6000335) TDG
2010 ELC   WONG Hebe
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Implementing English-across-the curriculum (EAC) Initiatives in the Electronic Engineering (EE) Syllabus (6000336) TDG
2009 CTL   ZHU Chunshen Construction of a On-Line Platform for Computer-Aided Teaching and Learning of Bilingual Writing and Translating in/between English and Chinese (6000304) TDG
2009 AIS   CHAN Yuk Wah Teaching Complex Societies - China in Transition (6000301) TDG
2009 CCIVGE1108 GE1108 KWOK Kam Hung GIS for Teaching Chinese Civilization: Integrating Google Map, Wikipedia and Video on Demand (6000307) TDG
2009 CS   FONG Shi Piu Joseph Real Time Web Services Based Handwritten Chat Room E-Learning System (6000308) TDG
2009 CS   KWOK Lam For Development of learning resource repository for Information Security and Management (6000306) TDG
2009 CTL   CHAN Ho Yan Clara New Blackboard-based Bilingual Oral Journal for First-year Interpreting Students (6000303) TDG
2009 EN   HAFNER Christoph Alexander Oral Presentations of Academic Projects: Developing Multiliteracies through English for Science (6000302) TDG
2009 SCOPE   CHEUK Wing Man Iris One-on-One Project (Cantonese / Putonghua Learning Workshop)
「廣普一對一」齊進計劃 (第三期) (6000305)
2009 BCH   KONG Yuen Chong Richard Production of visualized protocols for teaching/learning Modern Experimental Biology (6000171) TDG
2007 CS   CHAN Mang-tang Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Podcasting (6000123) TDG
2008 CS   IP Ho Shing Horace Smart Ambience for Affective Learning (SAMAL): An innovative exploration of Smart Ambience for integrating affect and cognition in learning Life Science and Information Management (6000158) TDG
2009 CTL   YAN Xiu Jackie Putonghua Learning Enhancement Program -- Creating and combining both virtual and real interactive environment to enhance Putonghua learning (6000176) TDG
2006 EDGE
  CHEUNG Hokling
English Language e-Portfolio Project (6000104) TDG
2009 ELC, EDGE   FISHER Dean William
CHEUNG Hokling
ePortfolios for All: A Roadmap for Success (6000165) TDG
2006 EDGE   WONG Eva University wide development and implementation of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) (6000102) TDG
2007 EDGE   KWAN Anna Enhancing university students' learning motivation. Phase 1: helping students develop their own learning motivation (6000124) TDG
2006 EE   YAN Hong Virtual English Teachers for Science and Engineering Students (6000103) TDG
2009 EDGE   CHIU Patrio Longitudinal Study of Staff and Student Expectations and Attitudes towards GE: An Assessment of the Early Implementation of GE (6000178) TDG
2007 ELC, EDGE   FISHER Dean William
CHEUNG Hokling
Electronic Learning Portfolio Project (6000147) TDG
2007 EN   DU-BABCOCK Bertha Bridging the Gap from Classroom-based Learning to Experiential Professional Learnng: Preparing Ideal and Competent World Class Graduates (6000149) TDG
2006 EN   JONES Rodney H. The Language Clinic: Peer Tutoring for On-going Language Learning (6000105) TDG
2006 EN   JONES Rodney H. Expanding the Language Clinic System to Student Residences (6000122) TDG
2006 FB   POON Margaret C C Supplemental Instruction Scheme (6000121) TDG
2009 IS   KWOK Chi Wai Ron Smart Concept Map System (SmartCMS): An Innovative Application to Support Interactive Concept Map-Based Teaching and Learning in Computer-Mediated Classes (6000177) TDG
2007 MEEM   IP Wai-lam Ralph Establishing an interactive teaching environment to promote the Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme: A real-time communication platform assists implementing of dynamic learning pedagogical model (6000125) TDG
2006 SS   NG Sik-hung Learning through self-discipline and personal growth, facilitated by coaching (6000106) TDG
2007 SCOPE   SZE Mei Mary A web-based talking dictionary with visual corrective feedback on learner's spoken Mandarin
視覺判斷自學者普通話語音正誤的網上工具性有聲字典 (6000126)
2006 AC   POON Margaret C C Pathway to Professional Education - Whole Person Development Scheme for Accountancy Students (6000107) TDG
2009 AIS   CHIU C H Catherine Promoting Active Learning Inside and Outside of Classrooms (6000172) TDG
2009 AIS   ROBERTSON Justin Strengthening Site Visits, Social Media and Sensory Learning (6000173) TDG
2007 AP   CHEUNG Ho-fai Development of a computer based measurement system (6000138) TDG
2006 BC   AU Siu Kui BlackBoard-based Online Laboratory System. Part I: Shake Table Experiment (6000128) TDG
2007 BC   WANG Yu Development of computer Role-playing games for geotechnical construction (6000139) TDG
2006 BC   CHAN Ricky English Learning Camps (6000108) TDG
2007 BC   CHENG C K Charles Laboratory aim for computational building fire dynamic study (6000150) TDG
2006 BC   CHEUNG Sai On Developing a Web-based Multi-Media Self-Learning Programme for Measurement of Building Works (6000113) TDG
2007 BC   FUNG Wing Hong Ivan Development of Virtual Engineering Surveying & GPS Learning Workshop for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricula (6000131) TDG
2006 BC   LAM Heung Fai The Development of Blackboard-based Web-Applications for the Teaching and Learning of Second Order Steel Structure Analysis and Prestressed Concrete Design (6000115) TDG
2009 BC   LEUNG Mei Yung Developing an Interactive VM-web for establishing FAST Diagram in VM course (6000168) TDG
2006 BC   LEUNG Mei Yung Developing an Integrated e-Learning Centre for Construction Value Management - Undergraduate Module (6000114) TDG
2007 BC   SIU Yee Fai Vincent Web-based Learning in Safety for Building & Construction Laboratory and Site Works (6000130) TDG
2007 BC   TANG Wai Ching Patrick A Virtual Construction Materials and Mechanics Laboratory (6000127) TDG
2009 BC   TSE Kam Tim Enhancement of Management Skill of Engineering Students via Group Projects (6000175) TDG
2008 BC   TSE Kam Tim Hands-on Experiences of Wind Tunnel Tests and Computer Program for Wind Design (6000154) TDG
2009 BC   WONG Sai Li From Laboratory Safety to Workplace Safety: From Student to Professional (6000174) TDG
2007 BC   YIU Tak Wing Developing an e-Platform for Teaching and Learning Construction Negotiation (6000129) TDG
2007 BCH   LAM Yun Wah Using programmed learning to help Applied Biology students to prepare for laboratory classes (6000140) TDG
2007 BST   KONG Jackson Using Blackboard to develop an E-Learning Portfolios for promoting student-centered learning and facilitating outcome assessment of Associate Degree Students (6000132) TDG
2006 BST   WONG W M Raymond Joint Programme to develop Teaching Materials for Construction Technology Subjects incorporating inputs from Academic Staff, Students, Graduates and Practicing Professionals (6000109) TDG
2007 BST   XUE Qiuli Charlie Building Practice in China - A Study for the Flexible Curriculum for All Building Related Courses (6000142) TDG
2006 CCIV   CHENG Pei-kai
WUT Tai-shing
Chinese Civilisation Lectures: Teaching/self-learning resource pack series (6000116) TDG
2007 CCIV   DUNG Chau Hung 中國文化教學強化計劃 (6000146) TDG
2008 CCIVCCIV01 CCIV02 CCIV03 CCIV01, CCIV02, CCIV03 FUNG Chi Wang 《反璞歸真──貴州少數民族村寨及小學探訪之旅》專書出版計劃 (6000157) TDG
2008 CCIV   WONG King Chung An Interactive Digital Teaching and Learning Platform for Chinese Culture: Chinese Music Culture and Musical Instruments (6000151) TDG
2006 CS   CHOW K O Organizing lecture slides from students' perspectives for syndicated learning (6000117) TDG
2007 CS   FONG Shi Piu Joseph Podcasting an Online Web XML based multimedia teaching presentation archive system for students learning (6000152) TDG
2009 CS   FONG Shi Piu Joseph An eLearning Computer Programming Open Forum for Debugging Supporting System (6000167) TDG
2007 CS   LEE Victor A novel debugging aid to promote the implementation of OBTL in computer courses (6000145) TDG
2006 CS   POON C K Development of a Collaborative and Interactive Programming Learning Platform based on the PASS System (6000118) TDG
2007 CS   POON C K Resources and Strategies for Innovative Problem Based TLAs to Achieve ILOs in Problem Solving Courses with the use of Computers (6000143) TDG
2007 CS   WANG Lee Fu Philips
Pedagogy and Curriculum Design for Blended Teaching and Learning of Object-Oriented Programming (6000144) TDG
2006 CS   YU Y T Tools and Resources for Educating Software Engineering Students with a Quality Perspective (6000119) TDG
2008 CTL   ZHANG Yanyan Putonghua Salon (6000160) TDG
2008 EDGE   CHEUNG Hokling Encouraging academic integrity: An online tutorial (6000162) TDG
2008 EDGE   WONG Eva Evaluations and Quality Assurance for TDGs projects (6000161) TDG
2006 EE   BRADBEER Robin Sarah Applying a Concept Inventory to assess students' conceptual learning on a first year degree programme in the Department of Electronic Engineering (6000110) TDG
2009 EN   WU Kwok Ming Angus Animated Online Teaching Material Development for First Year Fundamental Electronic Circuit Courses (6000170) TDG
2007 EN   CHEUNG Ming Visual Communication and Advertising Design in Progress (6000148) TDG
2007 IS   BOLLOJU Narsimha A peer review system to enhance critiquing ability of students in systems analysis courses (6000133) TDG
2007 IS   NARASIPURAM Muraki Mohan Courseware Develop to support Business Management (BPM), CILOs (Course lntended Learning Outcomes) (6000134) TDG
2009 MEEM   HUI Kwan San Oscar Development of Student-Led Laboratory Experience (6000164) TDG
2009 MGT   CHAN Andrew Course enrichment project for a BBA Course MGT4223 (Recruitment and Selection) (6000166) TDG
2007 MS   LI Zhaolin Erick Use Computerized Simulators as Course Supplements to Teach Operations & Supply Chain Management (6000153) TDG
2007 SCM   LAI Chiu Han Linda Creative in Practice: Teaching & Learning Outside Classroom (6000135) TDG
2006 SCM   LIU Zhi Qiang Special Interest Group in Computer Games: a pilot project for in-depth-learning and training (6000111) TDG
2009 SCM   LIU Zhi Qiang Bluetooth Media Sharing: Interactive Multimedia Display for a participatory Mobile Life style (6000169) TDG
2007 SCM   WONG Chin Pang Julius Summer Study Tour 2007: Animation Tour in Japan (6000141) TDG
2009 SCOPE   CHEUK Wing Man Iris 「廣普一對一」齊進計劃 (6000136) TDG
2010 SLW   SHEN Wei Applying an Economic Analysis Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Company Law (6000181) TDG
2009 SLW   WAN Ke Steven Applying Policy Analysis and Critical Thinking to Intellectual Property Law Courses (6000163) TDG
2007 SS   CHAN Yue Kuen Estella The use of guided group inquiry (GGI) to facilitate students achieving the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) of work based learning (6000137) TDG
2006 SS   CHONG Ming Lin Alice Developing an operation protocol on peer learning and peer assessment (6000112) TDG
2008 SS   FONG Shi Piu Joseph eSurvey: a survey record based eLearning system for research students (6000156) TDG
2008 SS   KWOK Kan Diana Celebrate Sexual Diversity (性在多元) (6000159) TDG
2006 SS   KWONG Wai Man Creating a 'Practice Library' to Support Practice Teaching in the Professional Preparation of Social Workers and School Counsellors - Phase II - Integration with teaching and learning (6000120) TDG
2008 SS   LI Chi Mei Jessica Crime Issue (6000155) TDG
2010 SS   LI Chi Mei Jessica Crime Prevention (6000180) TDG
2009 SS   YAU Muk Leung Anthony Enhancing Students' Learning Motivation by Continuous Monitoring and Regulations of Achievement Goals, Capability Beliefs, and Achievement Emotions (6000179) TDG
2011 EDGE   Mr. SANTANDREU David Quality Assurance for Education Research Grant Projects (Large Scale Teaching Development Grants Projects) (6000337) TDG
2011 CLASS   Dr. BERNE Christiane Suzanne Marie Global Classroom on Wikis: Cross-cultural Digital Exchange to Enhance Collaborative and Independent Learning in a Global Context (6000338) TDG
2011 EN   Dr. WEISSER Martin Creating Corpus-Based Online Materials and Resources for GE 2 English Courses for Engineering & Other Technical Disciplines (6000339) TDG
2011 EN   Dr. SHI Han Developing Cases for Teaching Sustainable Development of Hong Kong (6000340) TDG
2011 SS   Prof. WONG Fu Keung Daniel Putting Theory into Clinical Practice: A Web-Based Cognitive behavior Therapy Learning Platform (6000341) TDG
2011 ELC   Mrs. WONG Sue Roxanne Developing a Learner Centered Writing Rubric for the 2012-13 English for Academic Purposes Course (6000342) TDG
2011 ELC   Dr. WONG Mei Ha Hebe Supporting a Hybrid Language Course (6000343) TDG
2011 SS   Dr. KWONG Wai Man Counselling as 'Conversational Art': Development of a language-based Approach to Counselling and Laboratory Training of Counselling Skills (6000344) TDG
2011 SS   Ms. LEUNG Kam Ping Kathy Toward a Refinement of the Theory and Practice of Marriages (6000345) TDG
2011 BST   Dr. CHAN Tak Wa Caroline Collaborative Learning Enviornment for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Students to Foster Collaborative Skills Development (6000346) TDG
2011 ACE   Dr. LEUNG Mei Yung Developing a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training Workshop for Undergraduates (6000347) TDG
2011 CS   Dr. TAN Chee Wei Teaching and Learning of Green Information Technology for Undergraduates (6000348) TDG
2011 CTL   Dr. LEE Sie Yuen John Evidence-based Learning for Students of Linguistics and Language Technology (6000349) TDG
2011 BST   Dr. KONG Jackson A Multifunctional Platform for Learning and Teaching of Infrastructure Development and Its Impacts (6000350) TDG
2011 BST   Dr. WONG Francis Joseph Enhancing Tacit Knowledge Exchange in the Design Studio with Mobile Technology (6000351) TDG
2011 CS   Dr. CHOW Chi Yin A Web-based Collaborative Training System for Developing Smartphone Applications (6000352) TDG
2011 CS   Dr. WONG Shek Duncan The Development of an Automatic Judging System for Collegiate Programming Contests (6000353) TDG
2011 EE   Dr. LEE En Yuan Joshua Strengthening Rudimentary Fundamentals through Audio-visual Offline Tools (AV-doodle Suite) for e-self Learning and Assessment (6000354) TDG
2011 ELC   Mr. LOCKHART A Charles The Development of Writing Workshops to Enhance Students' Writing Skills (6000355) TDG
2011 SS GE2226 Dr. CHONG Min Lin Alice Analyzing Ageing Societies: A Discovery and Cross-disciplinary Approach (6000356) TDG
2012 SS   Dr. CHOW Oi Wah Esther The Development of an Indigenous Training Package in Life Education: Working with Older Adults (6000357) TDG
2011 ACE   Dr. CHEUNG Chi Tong Albert Pilot Empirical Studies of the Use of Wait-time for Adaptive Active Learning (6000358) TDG
2011 BST GE1304 Ms. FUNG Wai Man Virginia Development of an Interactive e-Learning Platform for Enhancing Students' Visual Literacy (6000359) TDG
2012 AP   Dr. VELLAISAMY Arul Lenus Roy Scientific Teaching for the Discovery-enriched Curriculum (6000360) TDG
2012 AP   Dr. LI Tsan Hang Jensen A Graphical Simulation Platform for Teaching Physics (6000361) TDG
2012 BCH   Dr. LAU Chi Kong Terrence Virtual Laboratory for Experiencing Science at Molecular Level (6000362) TDG
2012 BCH   Dr. MA Chi Him Eddie Cell-based Learning Discovery Curriculum (6000363) TDG
2012 BCH   Dr. SUN Hongyan Online Participation, Interactive Experimentation and Industrial Exploration (6000364) TDG
2012 SCM   Mr. HESSELS Scott Derwin Exploring Extreme Ecosystems Creatively through Arts and Science (6000365) TDG
2012 ACE   Dr. WANG Jianfeng Jeff Student Engagement Programme for Geotechnical Engineering Construction and Design: Retaining Wall Design for Complex Scenarios (6000366) TDG
2012 BST   Mr. FONG Ming Lun Alan Development of a Discovery-enriched Teaching and Learning System for Engineering Students of Energy Audit by In-class and Out-of-class Learning Activities (6000367) TDG
2012 BST   Mr. WONG Wai Man Raymond Development of an Interactive Information Archive on Architecture, Building and Civil Technology to Support Teaching and Learning (6000368) TDG
2012 SCM   Mr. LEE Chi Chiu Julian Digital Canvas for Animated Photography and Video (6000369) TDG
2012 CS   Dr. FONG Shi-piu Joseph Environmental Friendly Real Time Quiz Using Mobile Devices with Auto Marking (6000370) TDG
2012 SLW   Mr. BURKE A S Jack DVD on Order 14 Application (6000371) TDG
2012 ACE   Prof. CHEUNG Sai On An Expedition to OBTL-based Research-Enriched Discovery E-Learning Experience (6000372) TDG
2012 ACE   Dr. FUNG Wing Hong Ivan Student Participation in Design and Development of Construction Safety Planning Model for Educational-BIM in Hong Kong Dr Ivan Wing-hong Fung (ACE) Civil Engineering and Building Industry (6000373) TDG
2012 ACE   Dr. LEE Yiu Yin Raymond Discovery Learning: Virtual Geo-informatics Workshop for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricula (6000374) TDG
2012 ACE   Dr. LO Yiu Tommy Automation in Operation of Construction Heavy Plants and Machinery: WebCyclone Application in Site Management (6000375) TDG
2012 SS   Dr. KWOK Yuk Ching Lai Sylvia Development of an Interactive Web-based Self-learning Package: Integrating Family Therapy into Practice (6000376) TDG
2012 BCH   Dr. ZHU Guangyu Improvement of Soft Skills through Discovery-Based Learning for Final Year Undergraduate Students (6000377) TDG
2012 MGT   Dr. YU Kuo Hui Frank Embody "Innovation Pedagogy" Aesthetic Practices in Blogging, Virtual Teams, and Business Competitions (6000378) TDG
2012 POL   Dr. CHEUNG Kam Chuen Arthur SA Graduates Core Competencies Chronicle (6000379) TDG
2012 SS   Dr. LI Chi-mei Jessica Designing Out Crime (6000380) TDG
2012 SS   Dr. KAM Ping Kwong An Innovative Project to Enhance Students' Understanding on Social Work through Discovering the Quality of Social Workers from Service Users' Perspective (6000381) TDG
2012 SS   Dr. YE Shengquan Sam The Effect of Curiosity on Student Learning in Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC) (6000382) TDG
2012 BCH   Prof. VRIJMOED Lillian Development of a student learning behavior diagnostic tool for the
"Discovery Enriched Curriculum" (6000383)
2012 BST   Dr. LEUNG Wing Tak Arthur Student-Teacher Driven Multiple-Choice System (STDMC),
an alternative objective assessment tool (6000384)
2012 CS   Dr. YUEN Chun Hung Joe M-learning: Interactive Classroom Response and Polling System with Mobile Phones (6000385) TDG
2012 EE   Dr. CHEUNG Chak-Chung Ray Bridging Teachers and Students with a Discovery-Enriched Mobile Platform – iLearnt (6000386) TDG
2012 MBE   Dr. SHI Peng Books Printed at Microscale: Hands on Laboratory of Micro-technologies in Biomedical Research (6000387) TDG
2012 SEE   Dr. LEE Kwan-Hon Patrick Student project team composition and learning outcomes of environment-related courses (6000388) TDG
2012 SLW   Dr. ONG Rebecca Introducing innovations to teaching of the postgraduate certificate
in laws using educational technology (6000389)
2012 IS   Dr. KWOK Ron Development and Assessment of Q-Stress Fitness App for GE Classes on Fitness Management (6000390) TDG
2012 BST   Dr. NG Andy Development of a discovery-enriched teaching and learning Site Reconnaissance App (SRAp) for exploring the latest applications of sustainable development in Hong Kong (6000391) TDG
2013 EF   Prof. HO Yan Ki Richard Development of an Interactive Workshop Table (IWT) to Facilitate Higher Level Learning (6000401) TDG
2013 MGT   Dr. MONDEJAR Reuben International Multi-Country Multi-Cultural Business Proposal On-Line Student
Inter-University Exercise (6000402)
2013 AIS   Dr. THOMAS Nicholas Perceiving Pseudo-reality: The Utility of Simulations (6000403) TDG
2013 CTL   Dr. CHAN Ho Yan Clara An English-Chinese Glossary of Terminology for Law Students in Hong Kong (6000404) TDG
2013 CTL   Dr. YAN Jackie Xiu Error Annotated Learner Translation Corpus: An Interactive and Constructive Evaluation of Student Translations (6000405) TDG
2013 EN   Dr. HAFNER Christoph Promoting co-operative learning beyond the classroom using
discovery-based projects (6000406)
2013 SS   Dr. CHOW Wing Yin Bonnie The effects of discovery-enriched curriculum on students’ learning
motivation and strategy use (6000407)
2013 SS   Dr. CHONG Ming Lin Alice Fostering an Age-friendly City with Online Learning (6000408) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. KWOK Diana Embracing Cultural Diversities Empowering Counseling Students with Multicultural Competence (6000409) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. HO Wing Chung Exploring the Lives of Marginal Groups in the Community:
Subjective Experience and Public Response (6000410)
2013 ACE   Dr. LIM Chee Wah Challenge Based Learning (CBL) with DEC in Material Engineering (6000411) TDG
2013 ACE   Dr. YEUNG Kam Lan Daisy Developing an e-Platform for implementing Innovative
Green-going Strategy (6000412)
2013 CS   Dr. LI Shuaicheng Pseduo Code Visualization and Interactive Learning System (6000413) TDG
2013 MBE   Dr. LAM Hiu Wai Raymond Platform Development for Education of Biomedical Instrumentation (6000414) TDG
2013 IS   Dr. YUE Wei Thoo Synthetic Environment for Information Security and Audit Training (6000415) TDG
2013 EF   Dr. QI Yaxuan An Interactive Learning-Teaching Platform for a BBA Course EF4313 (Corporate Finance):
A course Enrichment Project (6000416)*
2013 EF   Dr. HUANG Qianqian Hands-on Project and Interactions with Industry Practitioners (6000417)* TSG
2013 IS   Dr. CHEN Hailiang Electronic Commerce Business Case Studies in Hong Kong and Mainland China (6000418)* TSG
2013 IS   Dr. WANG Chong Alex Enhance Student Engagement through the Use of Social Media (6000419)* TSG
2013 IS   Dr. TONG Yu Mobile-based Learning Discovery Curriculum (6000420)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. KING Brain Re-imagining English through collaborative online writing: Discovering digital pedagogy (6000421)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. GRUBER David Embodying Text: Teaching and learning in the digital humanities classroom with natural user interfaces (6000422)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. TROEUNG Y-Dang Exploring English cinema through the production of creative video projects (6000423)* TSG
2013 POL   Dr. HARRIS Eirik Lang Developing Critical Reasoning Skills in Gateway Education Courses (6000424)* TSG
2013 POL   Dr. WISSINK Bart Documentary Film Making for Discovery Enriched Tutorial Teaching (6000425)* TSG
2013 AP   Dr. WANG Feng Fostering the curiosity and enthusiasm of students through self-directed laboratory exercises (6000426)* TSG
2013 BST   Dr. TSUI Chung Man Carmen Teaching and Learning Architectural History with Google Earth (6000427)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. LAU Denvid Enhancing Student’s Graphical Presentation Skill in Science and Engineering (6000428)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. KIM Youngchul Students’ Publication of Course Work by Students’ participation (6000429)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. LI Shan Alice Exploration of “Student-Experience-Oriented” Curriculum --Integrating Analytical BIM Database in Teaching of “Green Building Design” (6000430)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. CHEN Ting Hsuan Seeing is believing: the scientific journey through biological visualization (6000431)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. LU Yang “Illuminated” by DLP (Digital Light Processing): a case study of MEMS(micro-electro-mechanical systems) design for display technology (6000432)* TSG
2013 SEEM   Dr. ZHANG Zijun Case-based teaching, problem-based learning and industrial-visits-based training in introductory total quality engineering courses (6000433)* TSG
2013 SEEM   Dr. ZHOU Qiang Enhancing learning experience by introduction of new data management technologies (6000434)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. LAM Miu-Ling Wearable Technology: the Next Level Fashion and Design (6000435)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. CHARRIERAS Damien Whose game is it anyway? Interactive games, from mainstream to underground practices:
industries-indies-artists-hackers-fan (6000436)
2013 SCM   Dr. JOHNSTON David CLAPP (Collaborative Learning App) (6000437)* TSG
2013 SCM   Mr. LIPPIT Takuro Mizuta Touching Sound - Discovering new aesthetics through tangible sound media (6000438)* TSG
2007 CS   Prof. IP Ho-shing Horace SmartCommunicator: Learning Effective Communication Skills through an Interactive Virtual Environment (6000101) TDG
2011 IS   Prof. MA Jian Facilitate Undergraduate Research with Research Social Network Services (6000201)# ERG
2011 VPRT   Dr. DOWNING Kevin J Cross-cultural Adaptation and Learning Outcomes of Non-local Students to a Hong Kong University: A Longitudinal Study (6000202)# ERG
2011 ELC   Dr. LOCKWOOD Jane Elizabeth Mary Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA) Writing Project (6000203)# ERG
2013 CS   Dr. WANG Cong Cultivating the New Generation of IT Professionals via Hands-on Laboratories on Cloud Computing and Security (6000439)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. JOHNSON Allan Development and Assessment of the Use of an 'Authentic Learning Management System'(ALMS) in Undergraduate Literature Education (6000440)* TSG
2013 MA   Dr. ZHOU Xiang Experimentation-based Teaching Methodology for undergraduate applied math courses (6000441)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. CHUNG Tin Learn about the brain under microscope, not just on paper (6000442)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. LAI Wai Chiu King Innovative Exploratory Learning on Smart Gadgets Development Platform (6000443)* TSG
2013 ACE   Mr. TSANG Yick Tat CityU Campus Environmental Audit Project & Competition (with student engagement): re-think, re-design and re-create(6000444) TDG
2013 CTL   Dr. LI Bin Developing a self-discovery learning strategy through watching TV (6000445) TDG
2013 CTL   Prof. ZHU Chunshen CityU Online Platform for the Teaching/(self-)Learning of Translation and Bilingual Writing:
Implementation and development (6000446)
2013 SEEM   Dr. SUN Hongyi Development and implementation of a thinking-style assessment tool for
enhancing creativity (6000447)
2013 SLW   Mr. BURKE Jack DVD on Bail Application (6000448) TDG
2013 SLW   Dr. LAKHANI Avnita Igniting Discovery and Innovation in Law through Creative Assessment Strategies (6000449) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. FUNG Lai Chu Annis Enhancement of innovative counselling knowledge and skills in youth aggression and victimization across familyand school contexts for practitioners (6000450) TDG
2013 AP   Prof. WANG Xun Li Interactive integration of world-leading synchrotrons and neutron scattering facilities into CityU classrooms (6000451) TDG
2013 ACE   Prof. CHEUNG Sai On Instilling culture of innovation through exposure (6000452) TDG
2013 ACE   Dr. LEE Yiu Yin Raymond Ethics Web-hub for Engineering Students(6000453) TDG
2013 ACE   Dr. LO Yiu Tommy Discovery eMat for Construction and Structural Material (6000454) TDG
2013 ACE   Dr. FUNG Wing Hong Ivan Off-campus Experiential e-Learning for Students during Construction Site Visits: Development of Innovative Mobile App in Safety Audit for Civil and Construction Projects (6000455) TDG
2013 MBE   Dr. MAI Dzung Hoang Refreshing GE Courses with Up-to-date Materials from the Student Perspective (6000456) TDG
2013 MGT   Dr. KWAN Siu On Andy Discovering the World of Management: Insights from Senior Students, Alumni, Faculty Member, and Business Practitioners (6000457) TDG
2013 MS   Dr. LEUNG Chi Hang Stephen Developing local cases for transportation logistics to enhance DEC (6000458) TDG
2013 SCM   Mr. HESSELS Scott Exploring Extreme Environment Creatively through Art and Science (6000459) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. CHOW Oi Wah Esther Enhancing Practicum Teaching and Learning in Social Work and Counselling Education:A pilot project to elicit, archive, and disseminate practice-based learning among students and fieldwork supervisors (6000460) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. KWONG Wai Man A pilot project to provide in-house practicum and research training to MSSC students: Interfacing research and practice for knowledge development in the context of practicum and research training in counsellor education (6000461) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. WONG Kwai Ling Yetta Use of Programming Technique for Experimental Research in Psychology (6000462) TDG
2013 AP   Dr. HO Derek Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice: A Hands-on, Self-guided Engineering Prototype Development Program (6000463)* TSG
2013 AP   Dr. CHATHOTHE Suresh Mavila A New Initiative for Undergraduate Students to Learn Advanced Scattering Techniques (6000464)* TSG
2013 AP   Dr. FAN Jun Computer Simulation & Visualization Aided Teaching of Biophysics Courses (6000465)* TSG
2013 BST   Dr. KRAKHOFER Stefan Development and Assessment of combining BIM and Mixed Reality (MR) in Undergraduate Architecture Education
2013 ACE   Dr. KIM Tae Wan Assessing the effectiveness of using interactive and real-time classroom engagement technology in higher education in Hong Kong (6000467)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. CHEN Jiayu Promoting Student Participation and Enabling Collective and Mutual Learning in Engineering Education through a Social Writing Platform (Wikispaces) (6000468)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. XU Shi Yu Creating a Discussion-Friendly Classroom and an e-Learning Environment through the Employment of Interactive Digital Learning Database (6000469)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. MENG Cheng Ni Jason From Linear to "Big Canvas" – Development of a Learning Scheme with Enhancement of Innovation,Problem-solving, Critical Thinking and Student Participation (6000470)* TSG
2013 CS   Dr. HANCKE Gerhard Petrus Encouraging self-learning and discovery through gamification of tutorials (6000471)* TSG
2013 CS   Dr. XU Hong Teaching Cloud Computing with a Real Cloud and Real Cloud Practitioners (6000472)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. CHUN Christian Wai Self and Society: Using Video Narratives in an Undergraduate University English course (6000473)* TSG
2013 EN   Dr. CAVENDISH-JONES Colin Shakespeare in Performance (6000474)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. SHEN Yajing Micro golf through robot: way to let student learn elusive theory via small game intuitively (6000475)* TSG
2013 MBE   Dr. LIU Lu Development of a Discovery-Enriched Platform for Design and Implementation of Dynamic Systems and Control (6000476)* TSG
2013 POL   Dr. VALENTINE Scott Victor Enhancing Student Participation with Student Response Systems (6000477)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. SUH Ayoung Engaging Students to Visualize Information: Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality (6000478)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. FROST Charlotte Art History Lab (6000479)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. ZHU Kening Smart Materials in Pervasive Media (6000480)* TSG
2013 SLW   Dr. WANG Shucheng Discovery and Assessment of the Clinical Legal Studies of Chinese and Comparative Law through a Student-centered Approach in Hong Kong (6000481)* TSG
2013 SS   Dr. YU Xiaonan Nancy LOVE Project in GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological perspectives (6000482)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. WALSH Shannon The Invisible City: Documentary, urban space and life worlds in Hong Kong (6000483)* TSG
2013 BST   Dr. DAHL Per-Johan The Architectural Experiment as a Teaching Component in Professional Curricula (6000484)* TSG
2013 CS   Dr. KEUNG Wai Jacky A Pragmatic Approach to Changing the Pedagogy of Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm using Interactive Programming Environment: Implementation and Development (6000485)* TSG
2013 AP   Dr. ZHI Chunyi Cultivating students' discovery ability by guiding students to ask questions (6000486)* TSG
2013 EF   Dr. Michael Chak Sham Wong Strengthening Python literacy of students for knowledge discovery and knowledge commercialization (6000488) TDG
2013 CTL   Dr. John Sie Yuen Lee Data-driven Evaluation of Computer-assisted Translation Systems for Pedagogocial Purposes (6000489) TDG
2013 POL   Dr. Joan Yin Hung Leung Cultural and Policy Exploration in an Internationalization Context: Critical Reflection and Creative Expressions @CityU (6000490) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. Oliver Heng Choon Chan The Development of Local Hong Kong Violent Sexual Offense Cases for DEC-oriented Teaching and Learning of Criminology Courses (6000491) TDG
2013 SS   Dr. Raysen Wai Leung Cheung Facilitating career insight of students from their internships and work experience (6000492) TDG
2013 SS   Dr.Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching Kwok Students’ theory application and creation of a website to promote happy and positive families (6000493) TDG
2013 AP   Prof. Ruiqin Zhang Achieving Discovery-Enriched Curriculum by integrating multidisciplinary projects with learning (6000494) TDG
2013 BCH   Dr. Peggy Lo Pik Kwan Discovery Enriched Curriculum on DNA-Based Teaching and Learning (6000495) TDG
2013 BST   Dr. Arthur Wing Tak Leung Acquiring Construction Planning Skills through Simulations on "Model Building" (6000496) TDG
2013 BST   Dr. Andy Kung Wing Ng Inter-active Mobile Platform for Animated Construction Work Sequence (IMPACWS) (6000497) TDG
2013 BST   Dr. Caroline Tak Wa Chan Learning from peers: Fostering knowledge discovery through co-assessment by peers (6000498) TDG
2013 MBE   Dr. Xinrui Niu Lend new eyes to students – observing everyday lives with long distance microscope (LDM) (借你一雙慧眼 – 透過長距顯微鏡看日常生活) (6000499) TDG
2013 MBE   Prof. Ching Chang Chieng 3-D Immersive Display for Enhancing Teaching on Principles of Fission Reactors (MBE3107- Principles of Fission Reactors) (6000500) TDG
2013 CCIV   Dr. Chau Hung Dung Chinese Civilisation Teaching Gateway Scheme-enhancing creativity of CityU students (6000501) TDG
2013 SCM   Dr. Daniel C. Howe Translation as Affordance for Computational Creative Writing (6000502) TDG
2013 SLW   Mr Jack Burke DVD on examination-in-chief and cross-examination in a criminal matter (6000503) TDG
2013 POL   Dr. Xiaoling Zhang Exploring the case and problem based teaching curriculum by developing a virtual web-based experience mining system (6000504)* TSG
2013 POL   Dr. Jun Wang Making it real: DEC for "Housing Policy and Society" (POL3231) (6000505)* TSG
2013 SS   Dr. Andus Wing Kuen Wong Promoting inter-disciplinary learning and research between Psychology students and students from other disciplines (6000506)* TSG
2013 SEEM   Dr. Qingpeng Zhang Enhancement of Learning with Big Data on the Cloud (6000507)* TSG
2013 SCM   Dr. Bo Zheng An Online Curating Platform for Learning Contemporary Art (6000508)* TSG
2013 EF   Dr. Du Du Structural Innovations on Teaching EF4331 (International Finance and Banking) (6000509)* TSG
2013 EN   Prof. Roberto Simanowski Learning by doing: Digital Media as tools and subject of media literacy teaching (6000510)* TSG
2013 CS   Dr. Sarana Nutanong A Hands-on Approach to Data-Intensive Computing: Bridging the Gap Between Undergraduate Education, Research and Industry (6000511)* TSG
2013 ACE   Dr. Dave Ta Fu Kuo

Collective research experience utilizing e-platforms and mobile devices (6000512)*

2013 SS   Dr. Lennon Yao Chung Chang Ethics and Criminological Research (6000513) TDG
2013 AP   Dr. Johnny Chung Yin Ho Integration of Reverse-Engineering Training for Professional Engineers (6000514) TDG
2014 IS   Dr. Terence Chun Ho CHEUNG Development of a “SmartConnect” platform for early awareness of students’ employability towards digital industry (6000515) TDG
2014 MGT   Dr. Andrew CHAN Ubiquitous Learning: Mobile App for Internship Students (6000516) TDG
2014 AIS   Dr. Dennitza GABAKOVA Cut&Paste:Paper Collage Technique and Visual Argumentation (6000517) TDG
2014 SS   Dr. Jessica Chi Mei LI Crime Prevention Discovery Channel (6000518) TDG
2014 ACE   Dr. Eric Wai Ming LEE CyberGRID: Teaching and experiencing international teamwork through virtual environment (6000519) TDG
2014 MBE   Dr. Raymond Hiu Wai LAM Invention of microsystems through a self-motivation-driven learning process (6000520) TDG
2014 AC   Dr. Min ZHU Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Accounting Irregularities (6000521)* TSG
2014 EF   Dr. King King LI Experimental Economics Laboratory (6000522)* TSG
2014 EN   Dr. Peter JORDAN “Museum” – Theatre Production (6000523)* TSG
2014 SS   Dr. Andrew Yiu Tsang LOW "Web-based Learning Environment for Counselling Practicum Students" (6000524)* TSG
2014 ACE   Dr. Xiaowei LUO Development and Evaluation of Mobile Teaching Tool with Augmented Reality to Enhance DEC (6000525)* TSG
2014 AP   Dr. Condon LAU Learning through Discovery: a Radiation Therapy Teaching Platform that Stimulates the Development of Improved Treatment Protocols (6000526)* TSG
2014 BMS   Dr. Xi YAO Outcome based Knowledge visualizaion in teaching life science for "non-STEM" students (6000527)* TSG
2014 SEEM   Dr. Siyang GAO Enhancing learning experience by introducing Monte Carlo Simulation Technologies (6000528)* TSG
2014 SEEM   Dr. Lishuai LI "Using multimedia sketches of real world OR applications to enhance student learning experience" (6000529)* TSG
2014 SCM   Dr. Harald Peter KRAEMER Curatorship, Arts and Exhibition Management - Manuscript for Handbook (6000530)* TSG
2014 SCM   Dr. Tobias KLEIN From Paper folding to CNC Design - Sustainable Design Methodology (6000531)* TSG
2014 SCM   Dr. Tomas LAURENZO Virtual Robotic Art (6000532)* TSG
2014 SEE   Dr. Aude Pommeret Engaging students using social annotations and peer correction (6000533)* TSG
2015 SS Dr. Hui Fang CHEN Rater severity in self-and peer-evaluation (6000534) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Yong Ming KOW Developing In-class Peer-review Assessments using Google Forms (6000535) TDG
2015 SCM Mr. Yuk Yiu IP CRITICAL GAMES: integrating creativity and critical thinking via the design of playable and participatory experience (6000536) TDG
2015 MBE Dr.Ting Hsuan CHEN Learning by inventing: a knowledge acquisition based pedagogy through innovating point-of-care devices (6000537) TDG
2015 CAH Dr. Vivian Pui Yin LEE Envisioning the Past: A Local History Project Reaching out to Wider Audiences (6000538) TDG
2015 AP Prof. Peter Kwan Ngok YU Nurturing undergraduate students in computational and experimental biomedical physics research (6000539) TDG
2015 SLW Dr. Rebecca ONG Legal Skills for Everyone (6000540) TDG
2015 MBE Dr. Chung TIN Self-motivated and hands-on project platform for development of biomedical engineering applications (6000541) TDG
2015 BCH Dr. Peggy Pik Kwan LO Enhancing learning experience towards sustainable use of resources  (6000542) TDG
2015 LT Dr. Xiu YAN Peer-evaluation and Assessment Criteria Perceived by Learners in the English-Chinese Interpretation Classes (6000543) TDG
2015 BST Prof. Chi Ming TAM Interdisciplinary DEC Student Project collaborated with the Industry: Project Development of Arts Pavilion for the Elderly in Hong Kong (6000544) TDG
2015 ACE Dr. Yick Tat TSANG Collaborative Student Project: Solving MMM (Men-Material-Machinery) Problems by Application of RFID in Construction Sites (6000545) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Ayoung SUH Engaging Students in Learning Activities via Gamification Ideas: Integrating Theory into Practice (6000546) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Robert Jay ELLIS-GEIGER Why Do Hong Kong Cinemas Sound So Bad? (6000547) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Charlotte FROST Social Writing Strategies with Academic Writing Month (6000548) TDG
2015 SCM Mr. Tobias KLEIN Skunkworks – New Reactive Materials for Art and Design (6000549) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Damien CHARRIERAS New creative possibilities opened by the use of analog video synthesizer in the digital arts (6000550) TDG
2015 EN Dr. Carolin FUCHS Computer-mediated ethnographic research through international collaboration – A pilot study (6000551) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Linda LAI Documentary and Everyday Urban life: Integrating community issues and creative ideas in the city (6000552) TDG
2015 POL Dr. Wanxin LI Constructing self-transcendent experiences for discoveries in environmental policy and governance (6000553) TDG
2015 SCM Dr. Daniel Canazon HOWE  Creative Coding with Social Version-Control: Enhancing Collaboration, Iteration & Transparency (6000554) TDG
2015 EE Dr. Rosa Ho Man CHAN A Laboratory-Based Curriculum for Multidisciplinary Studies of Brain-Machine Interface (6000555) TDG
2015 LT Dr. Wai Sum LEE A study tool for improving English pronunciation for Cantonese-speaking students (6000556) TDG
2015 BST Mr. Gary Chak Wa CHAN Discovery-enriched spreadsheet-based resources repository (DSRR) for construction students (6000557) TDG
2015 ACE Dr. Calvin Chung Wai KEUNG A network-based virtual community for innovative project collaboration (6000558) TDG
2015 AP Dr. Derek HO A collaborative learning platform: from idea incubation to technology transfer (6000559) TDG
2015 SS Prof. Wing Hong CHUI Discovering Criminological Theory via Experiential Simulation and E-learning  (6000560) TDG
2015 ACE Dr. Chi Kwong WONG Immersive Education for Construction Students and Workforce – Learning through Experience (6000561) TDG
2015 EF Dr. Guannan LUO Active Learning and Creative Thinking about the Housing Market in Hong Kong (6000562) * TSG
2015 MBE Dr. Lidai WANG Tracing and steering photon in biological tissue: a discovery enriched learning experience (6000563)* TSG
2015 BMS Dr. Wenjun XIONG Training the Next Generation of Biomedical Scientists with Hands-on Laboratories on Bio-image Data Analysis (6000564) * TSG
2015 BMS Dr. Linfeng HUANG The power of textbook: an experimental approach (6000565) * TSG
2015 SCM Dr. Max HATTLER Visual Music- Music Visuals, for Performance and Exhibition (6000566) * TSG
2015 AP Dr. Xin WANG Teaching-as-Research in Modern Physics (6000567) * TSG
2015 SLW Dr. Andra LE ROUX-KEMP Strengthening Legal Education at CityU: A Jurisprudential Approach (6000568) * TSG
2015 CS Dr. Ted Chi Yin CHOW An Online Group Formation, Meeting Scheduling, and Peer Review Platform for Project-based Courses (6000569) TDG
2015 SS Dr. Joseph Keung Fai WU Thinking creatively: The process of innovation (6000570) TDG
2015 POL Dr. Paul HIGGINS Expanding class sizes: transformative innovations in the student learning experience (6000571) TDG
2015 SEE Dr. Walid DAOUD Enhancing students learning experience through integrated discovery-based group activities and continuous evaluation (6000572) TDG
2015 POL Prof. Xiaohu WANG Redesign of POL 2603 Social Sciences Research Methods (6000573) TDG
2015 LT Dr. Bin LI Discovery and collaborative learning through the development of a multilingual and multipurpose resource pool (6000574) TDG
2015 LT Prof. Meichun LIU The MERIT Study Kit for Large Classes: student-oriented, dynamic and interactive system (6000575) TDG
2015 SS SS3221,SS4303 Dr. Jessica Chi Mei LI Enhancement of Learning Experience in the Teaching of Large Classes-DEC Learning for Crime Prevention (SS3221) or Policing (SS4303) (6000576) TDG
2015 AP Prof. Kwok Sum CHAN Web resources for large class learning enhancement (6000577) TDG
2016 LT Prof. Meichun LIU Exploring the Unexplained: How to Make Sense of Chinese and English (6000578) * TSG
2016 CS Dr. Ka Chun WONG Education Software Development of Cloud System for Teaching Human Genomes (6000579) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Jiahai SHI Visualization Improves Practical in Hematology Core Courses  (6000580)* TSG
2016 MBE Dr. Alice HU Nuclear Reactor Severe Accident Visualization: Safety-oriented Project Development Based on
DesignEP Simulation Platform (6000581)
2016 BMS Dr. Mingliang HE Teaching Videos for Laboratory Technology of Course Medical Virology for students Enrolled
in BMS and non-BMS programs (6000582)
2016 BMS Dr. Youngjin LEE, May Application of Virtual Laboratory Tools in the Teaching of Biomedical Sciences (6000583) * TSG
2016 MBE Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON Hands-On Robotics: Design, Fabricate, and Control of Next Generation Robots (6000584) * TSG
2016 SS Dr. Kit Ying CHAN Teaching Students Basic Programming Skills for Building Psychological Experiments through Online Learning Modules (6000585) * TSG
2016 MS Dr. Zhankun SUN Kevin Promoting Practice-Based Learning in Gateway Education Class (6000586) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Yuet Ming CHIN Rebecca Microbe Detectives: Inspiring the Next Generation Biologists with an Innovative Investigation-based Module (6000587) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Thi Nguyet Minh LE Learning Medical Ethics by Interaction with Vietnamese Medical Students and Fieldtrips to Vietnam (6000588) * TSG
2016 SLW Dr. Julia Louise TOMASSETTI Employment Law: A Proposal for a New Course using Participatory Learning Methods (6000589) * TSG
2016 AP Dr. Abhijit PRAMANICK Enhancing Intuitive and Discovery-oriented Learning of Atomic Structures in Different Materials (6000590) * TSG
2016 ACE Dr. Xin LI Learning through Comparison: A workshop-based teaching (6000591) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Jin Young KIM Advanced Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (6000592) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Zongli ZHENG Exploring Uncultivable Microbes Surround Us (6000593) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Jianbo YUE Developing Critical Scientific Literature Review Skills in Students Enrolled in the Course of Cell Biology (6000594) * TSG
2016 SEE Dr. Sam Hsien-Yi HSU The development of solar power projects based on the analysis of photovoltaic devices (6000595) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Xin WANG Development of an integrative and interactive online platform for teaching of Bioinformatics-related courses (6000596) * TSG
2016 SS Dr. Rebecca Wing Yee WONG Striving for a Sustainable Environment: Innovative Approaches in Tackling Crimes against the Environmnet (6000597) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Sungchil YANG Fabrication of a 3 dimensional brain puzzle and its application to teaching and research (6000598) * TSG
2016 SS Dr. Man Yee HO Using mobile phone application and unique experience to enhance social worker students' creativity (6000599) * TSG
2016 BMS Dr. Chun Yue LAU Active learning of neuroanatomy via 3D reconstruction of the brain (6000600) * TSG
2016 LT Dr. BO LI Turn the Vicious Cycle into the Virtuous Cycle: Theme-based Mock-conference +Internet-based Interaction Approach for Interpreting Courses (6000601) * TSG
2016 BCH Dr. Chun Kit KWOK Enhancing learning experience and critical analysis towards scientific literature (6000602) * TSG
2016 BCH Dr. Chun Yuen WONG Learning experimental techniques in chemistry through making cosmetics (6000603) TDG
2016 MBE Dr. Yang LU “Learning from Nature”: 3D printing of bamboo’s hierarchical structure (6000604) TDG
2016 ACE Dr. Mei-yung LEUNG Developing an Interactive VM-web for evaluating ideas in VM course (6000605) TDG
2016 EE Dr. Leanne CHAN Integrating engineering and biology in a laboratory-based curriculum (6000606) TDG
2016 SCM Dr. Miu Ling LAM Project TEDY - Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled people by Youths (6000607) TDG
2016 BST Dr. Caroline CHAN Enhancing Co-assessment of Presentations by Peers (CAPP) system using smartphones (6000608) TDG
2016 SCM Mr. Tobias Klein Skunkworks II Learning Resources for Digital Manufacturing and the Use of Reactive Materials in Art and Design (6000609) TDG
2016 SS Dr. Sylvia KWOK Students’ application of positive psychology and mental health theories to create an app for people with mental health problems (6000610) TDG
2016 SLW Dr. Rebecca Ong Standardized client method as a means of enriching skills-based courses (6000611) TDG
2016 MBE Dr. Kannie Wai Yan CHAN Imaging cells in live animal – a discovery learning in biomedical imaging (6000612) TDG
2016 MBE Dr. Raymond Hiu-Wai LAM Invention of Integrated Mechanical Systems by CityU undergraduates (6000613) TDG
2016 AP Dr. Chunyi ZHI A discovery-enriched curriculum on polymers and polymer composites through hierarchical structured on-line laboratory mini-projects (6000614) TDG
2016 AP Dr. Jun FAN Discovery inspired interactive learning and teaching General Physics to students major in biology (6000615) TDG
2016 AP Dr. Derek HO Collaborative rapid prototyping: A path to technology entrepreneurship education (6000616) TDG
2016 ACE Dr. Ivan Wing-hong FUNG Learning by Doing: A Development of New MR (Mixed Reality) Safety Training Tools for Civil and Construction Students in Hazardous Workplaces (6000617) TDG
2016 ACE Dr. Raymond Lee Sensor-based Smart City Modelling: with Collaborative Urban Analytics by ACE & BST Students (Inter-disciplinary Project) (6000618) TDG
2016 EN Dr. Jeffrey Lang MATHER Hong Kong in Transit: A Web-Based Platform for Student Travel Writing (6000619) TDG
2016 SS Dr. Andus Wing-Kuen WONG Enhancing students’ English-language test performance through stress re-appraisal (6000620) TDG
2016 BST Dr. Andy Kung-wing Ng The development of a Discovery-enriched and self-sustained Teaching and Learning Package for Construction Site Layout Planning Analysis adopting the Interactive Augmented Reality technology (DESLA-Package) (6000621) TDG
2016 BST Dr. Arthur Wing Tak LEUNG Enhancing Identification and Classification of Geotechnical information using ‘GeoEngine’ (6000622) TDG
2016 SCM Dr. Kening ZHU Artelectro: A Data-driven Interactive Platform for Young Artists to Learn Physical Computing (6000623) TDG
2016 SCM Mr. Albert Ka Ho YU VR Story Lab (6000624) TDG
2016 SS Dr. Esther CHOW Use of Storytelling to enhance the Teaching and Learning of SS3280/SS5212 Human Behaviour and Social Environment/Diversity (6000625) TDG
2017 MKT Prof. Zhilin YANG Developing CEM Simulations as a Powerful Courseware for Students to Learn Customer
Experience Management (6000626)
2017 PHY Dr. Xin WANG Physics meets medicine: new approach of teaching modern physics to biologists (6000627) TDG
2017 IS Dr. Alvin Chung Man LEUNG Gamification to Promote Challenge-based Learning (6000628) TDG
2017 EN Dr. Carl Jon Way NG Towards Critical Voices: Taking Socio-discursive Discoveries to the Community (6000629) TDG
2017 PHY Prof. Rui Qin ZHANG Achieving Discovery-Enriched Curriculum in Quantum Physics Teaching With the Aids of Computer Demonstrations and Simulations (6000630) TDG
2017 SLW Mr John Alexander Stephen BURKE Trial Advocacy and Criminal Justice (6000631) TDG
2017 MBE Dr. Ting Hsuan CHEN Prototyping biomedical devices: an journey from idea initiative to commercial products (6000632) TDG
2017 ACE Dr. Jeff Jian Feng WANG DEC Learning through Scientific Argumentation! in Material Engineering (6000633) TDG
2017 ACE Dr. Tommy Yiu LO Filmovation :Creative Mini-movie Platform for Ethics Education to Engineering Students / Industries (6000634) TDG
2017 PH Prof. Sophie ST-HILAIRE Aquatic animal disease case simulation tool  (6000635) * TSG
2017 CHEM Dr. Hajime HIRAO Development of Visualization-Oriented Physical Chemistry Courses (6000636) * TSG
2017 BMS Dr. Liang ZHANG Monitoring transformation of cancer cells: a discovery-enriched teaching platform (6000637) * TSG
2017 CS Dr. Chi Yin CHOW A Group Recommender System for Students (6000638) TDG
2017 SCM Dr. Tomas LAURENZO Artificial Intelligence and Art (6000639) TDG
2017 SCM Dr. Harald KRAEMER Multimedia Classics & Transmedia Storytelling - a digital archive with case studies of multimedia applications to inspire and train students for the planning and production of future interactive transmedia applications (6000640) TDG
2017 CHEM Dr Peggy Lo Pik KWAN Correcting the misinterpretation of DNA from chemistry students by interactive teaching and learning platform  (6000641) TDG
2017 SEE Dr. Lin ZHANG Integrated engagement for interdisciplinary course learning (6000642) * TSG
2017 ACE Dr. Gianni TALAMINI Aestimator ludens: innovative game-centered approach to teaching (6000643) * TSG
2017 SCM Dr. Kening ZHU CodeWatch: A Few-To-Many Real-Time Tutoring System for Massive Introductory Creative-Coding Classes (6000644) TDG
2017 SCM Dr. Damien CHARRIERAS  Interactive World-Building And Narrative Universe: Sketch Of An Open World Experience (6000645) TDG
2017 COM Dr. Ki Joon KIM Role of interactive digital technology in “Read/Only” versus “Read/Write” cultures (6000646) * TSG
2017 EN Prof. Diane PECORARI  Multimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of lexico-syntactic proficiencies (6000647) * TSG
2017 EN Dr Jack PUN Multimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of interactional proficiencies (6000648) * TSG
2017 PHY Dr. Shubo WANG Learning through design and simulation: an active way of teaching electromagnetic courses (6000649) * TSG
2017 SEE Dr. Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA Integrating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Practical Training in SEE Undergraduate Curriculum (6000650) * TSG
2017 EN Dr. Christoph HAFNER  Multimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of generic proficiencies (6000651) TDG
2017 EN Dr. Klaudia LEE Literary Studies beyond the Classroom: A Web-Based Platform for Students’ Literary Creative Projects  (6000652) TDG
2017 LT Dr. Bin LI (Re)discovering Hong Kong through surveying its linguistic landscape (6000653) TDG
2017 POL Dr. Chih Wei HSIEH Local Knowledge Matters: Incorporating Greater China-Based Case Studies into the Curriculum of Public Human
Resource Management Courses (6000654)
2017 SS Prof. Alice Ming Lin CHONG Promoting Critical and Innovative Thinking Ability in Ageing Policies in Hong Kong and Other Ageing Societies:
the Application of the Design Thinking Model (6000655)
2017 SS Dr. Dannii YEUNG In-and-out of the Psychology Lab:  Development of a laboratory-based DEC-enriched teaching and learning protocol for Psychology students (6000656) TDG
2017 ACE Dr. Kostas SENETAKIS A “geology trip” to Mars: Enhancing teaching activities of geotechnical engineering on a discovery-oriented platform (6000657) TDG
2017 BST Prof. Chi Ming TAM Integrating CANVAS in BIM-facilitated Quantity Surveying Education at CAVE Room: Case Study of Kwong Wah Hospital (Phase I) Re-development in Hong Kong (6000658) TDG
2017 CS Dr. Chee Wei TAN AI Chatbot for Student Assessment of Computer Science Courses (6000659) TDG
2017 MBE Dr. Wai Yan Kannie CHAN Tracking molecules in the brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (6000660) TDG
2017 MBE Dr. Chung TIN Hackathon in healthcare innovation for biomedical engineering students  (6000661) TDG
2017 SEEM Dr. Hongyi SUN The TIPE model for teaching patent and technology-based entrepreneurship (6000662) TDG
2017 BMS Dr. Temy Mo Yin MOK Human Anatomy Learning Goes 3-D (6000663) TDG
2017 BMS Dr. Terrence Chi Kong LAU Discovering bacterial profile on CityU campus (6000664) TDG
2017 SCM Dr. Max HATTLER Abstract Narratives (6000665) TDG
2017 SCM Dr. Ayoung SUH Creating Interactive Infographics: The Integration of Data Science and Creative Expression (6000666) TDG
2017 SCM Mr. Derwin Scott HESSELS The Overview Effect (6000667) TDG
2017 SLW Dr. Daniel PASCOE An Evidence-Based Approach to the Criminal Law Syllabus in Hong Kong (6000668) TDG
2018 CHEM Dr. Thuc Hue LY Learning Through Projects: Advanced Characterization Technique Training Using the World’s Thinnest Material (6000669) * TSG
2018 POL Dr. Wanxin LI Incorporating citizen science into environmental studies for non-science oriented students (6000670) TDG
2018 SCM Mr. Derwin Scott HESSELS Research-Creation in Creative Media (6000671)  TDG
2018 CHEM Dr. Zonglong ZHU Enriching Inquisitive and Problem-oriented Thinking and Learning on Chemistry Laboratory Course (6000672) * TSG
2018 BST Dr. Jackson KONG Integrating e-learning, physical models, 3-D printing and the pedagogy of flipped
classroom for enhancing large-class teaching and learning effectiveness in mechanics (6000673)
2018 LT Prof. Meichun LIU The IDEAL Research Model for Linguistic Inquiry: a DEC-based, interactive and
innovative guide (6000674)
2018 SEE Dr. Chunhua LIU Electrical Power Analysis of Power Generation, Conversion and Utilization with Engineer Aspects and Tools (6000675) TDG
2018 MNE Dr. Zhengbao YANG Developing an Effective Course-project System for Promoting Student’s Learning Experience in Green-related Courses (6000676) TSG
2018 CAH Dr. Vivian Pui Yin LEE Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail: a community project for Cultural Heritage majors,BA Chinese and History (6000677) TDG
2018 ELC Ms. Tiffany Tsz Yin PANG Maximizing students’ discovery in research presentation: The development of a student research showcase and an e-learning website (6000678) TDG
2018 ACE Dr.Chi Kwong WONG Integration of virtual reality (VR) and eye-tracking device to enhance construction students’ safety knowledge of hazard-identification (6000679) TDG