CityU’s Communities of Practice (CoPs) at a Glance

Themes / Objectives

To launch 5 CoPs of the following themes to facilitate CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) –

  • Discovery & innovation – focuses on the implementation of DEC;
  • Gateway Education – focuses on improving all teaching and learning (T&L) areas of Ug’s general education;
  • Social responsibility & ethics – devotes to fostering social responsibility and ethics;
  • Sustainability – aims to integrate environmentally sustainable ideas and practices into T&L activities; and
  • Technology & Creativity – explores creative uses of technology in T&L.

Work Plan / Activities

Activities will include –

  • Development of online social networking platforms;
  • Development of online repositories of materials and examples of good practice;
  • Regular CoP meetings for sharing of experience and practice;
  • Capacity building by engaging consultants of relevant expertise and conducting peer observations;
  • Public events, e.g. seminars, workshops, forums, competitions;
  • Conferences and other events to disseminate good practice; and
  • Outreach efforts to secondary schools, industry and NGOs.

Expected Outcomes
  • E-platform and online forums;
  • Repository of materials and examples of good practice for sharing; and
  • Reports and publications; and
  • Engagement of colleagues and students.

Recognition/Reward Mechanisms
  • CityU will encourage academic units to integrate measures of CoP participation into the criteria of CityU’s Performance-Based Pay Review Scheme.
  • Active participants of CoP may be provided with teaching release time through existing university schemes.

Sustainability Mechanisms
  • CityU anticipates the successful CoPs will thrive and be able to sustain themselves through new members and ideas. Relying on peer-review based assessments, successful CoPs can obtain ongoing support through existing resources, including Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) and CityU’s Interdisciplinary Professional Development Awards, Idea Incubator Scheme and Campus Sustainability Fund. Unsustainable CoPs will be allowed to dissolve.
  • CityU envisage a periodic call for new CoP proposals, which will be peer-reviewed.  Meritorious proposals will be given startup funding.