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GE Laboratory - Studio


Studio Booking for Staff

Please login with CityU account ( and your email password for reservation. Two studio are available for booking in P4-801, YEUNG.



Booking issues

Q1: What are the opening hours of GE Lab?
GE Lab opens from 9am to 12:30pm & 2:00pm to 6:00pm on Monday to Friday, the lab will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Q2. Can I use the lab without booking if the schedule is available on the calendar?
All the bookings must be made 24 hours in advance, please be reminded that ad hoc requests are not able to serve.

Q3. How do I know my booking is reserved successfully?
You will receive the confirmation email within 1 working day, with date and time details. A sample confirmation email for Panopto self-reording studio is attached for your reference:

Email title: [GE Panopto Self-recording Studio] - Confirmation


Dear EDGE User,

We are writing to confirm the following support request:

  • Project title: Reservation for week 1 lecture
  • Venue: Panopto Self-recording Studio
  • Period: 2/7/2020 9:30 AM - 2/7/2020 10:30 AM
  • CC User: EDGE
  • Location: P4801, YEUNG

Thank you for using GE Lab services. Please contact for further questions.

Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Q4. Do I need to cancel the booking if I cannot attend the session?
As the booking sessions are limited to serve for the whole university. It would be much appreciated if you could cancel your reserved sessions 24 hours in advance whenever you are not going to use that session. To cancel your reservation, please send the details to

Q5. Can I book the studio for “ZOOM” online teaching?
Both studios are designed for video recording purpose. Please refer to for “ZOOM” online teaching which is supported by Computing Services Centre (CSC). However, we might provide special teaching aids, e.g. writing tablet, drawing tablet to support teaching with scientific or mathematical equations.

Technical issues

Q6. Can EDGE help me to create a Canvas site?
Please contact e-Learning team to create a Canvas site.

Q7. What does the Panopto self-recording Studio provide?
Panopto self-recording Studio is designed for using online video capture tool – Panopto on Canvas (ref. link).
High-resolution webcam and professional microphone are provided for producing good quality audio/video recordings.

Q8. What should I prepare for using Panopto self-recording Studio?
Canvas account and PowerPoint file. The video will be uploaded to their own Canvas account, all the local recordings will be deleted after they are uploaded to the cloud server.

Q9. Why do we need Chroma Key Green Screen Studio?
Chroma Key Green Screen Studio is designed for video production that use compositing techniques in post-production. Teleprompter, professional lightings and clip mic are provided for producing 1080p video clip.

Q10. What should I prepare if we are going to use Chroma Key Green Screen Studio?
You’d better have the PowerPoint file, writing scripts for recording in Word format. Moreover, please avoid any bright green color tone dressing.

Q11. Does anyone provide post-production if I want to make video with Chroma Key Green Screen Studio?
Yes. EDGE will support all the post-production works, such as editing, background music, and adding visual effects.

Q12. Is there any support from the studio while recording?
A supporting staff will assist the Panopto or the Chroma Key Green Screen video recording.

Q13. How long will it take for the post-production service?
The post-production usually takes 5 working days for video with 1-hour duration.