Gateway Education Laboratory - Equipment List

GE Laboratory - Equipment

3D Printing Equipment

equipment photo
  • Kossel XL
    3D Printer - Desktop Consumer Grade (Materials: ABS/PLA)
  • 3Doodler
    3D Printing Pen (Materials: ABS/PLA)


Video and Audio Equipment


Professional Camera and Video Recorder

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Mirrorless Camera

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Action Camera, 360 Camera and Network Camera

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  • DVR-F23 Full HD 1080p
    Action Camera with 1.5" LCD Screen

Drone Camera

Shooting Accessories

  • GoPro VR360 Mount
    3D printed mount for 6 x GoPro 360 camera




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  • Daylight HMI Light
    Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamp


Audio Equipment

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  • RODE Lavalier (Coming soon)
    Clip microphone



Video Editing Software


Display Monitor


Measurement Tools

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  • EZDO-7021
    Conductivity/TDS/Salt/Temp Waterproof Tester



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3D CAD Software

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Other Equipment

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  • CSI Dummy
    CSI Dummy for Forensics Science Experiment