Gateway Education Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (GE PILOs)

Upon successful completion of this programme, students should be able to


Demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning


Explain the basic methodologies and techniques of inquiry of the arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and science and technology


Demonstrate critical thinking skills


Interpret information and numerical data


Produce structured, well-organised, and fluent text


Demonstrate effective oral communication skills


Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team


Recognise important characteristics of their own culture(s) and at least one other culture, and their impact on global issues


Value ethical and socially responsible actions


Demonstrate the attitude and/or ability to accomplish discovery and/or innovation


GE courses will provide integrative and synoptic introduction to important knowledge and orienting conceptual frameworks in each of the broad areas including Arts and Humanities; Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations; and Science and Technology. It will create an opportunity for students to get exposed to learning experience that counters the fragmentation of knowledge and large domain of material (ideas, principles, discoveries) that cut across departmental boundaries and specialisation.

The GE Programme is an integral part of the 4-year degree curriculum designed for students to achieve the graduate outcomes for 2016 and beyond.