Supports for GE Courses - Aerial Video / Photo Shooting

Supports for GE Courses

Aerial Video Shooting by GE Lab Video Production Team


With new technology supports, lots of stunning and amazing aerial photo shoots and video clips are produced and published on the web. The UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), integrating with a stabilized camera can bring student’s imagination to life, and it eventually helps iterate students’ thinking process from different perspectives.

GE Lab has acquired two sets of drone: DJI Phantom 3 Professional version - with 4K video / 12 Megapixels photo camera, for video shooting and photo taking. Such service support could help studying for particular courses, and it is able to accomplish project which requires aerial video or photo shooting by using drone device.

Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety is the utmost important issue for every flight activities, and the video production team has complied the suggested guidelines with referencing to Civil Aviation Department (CAD) – “Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)”

In the light of safety issues, GE Lab requests our video production team to submit following documents and perform pre-flight checking for each flight activity, and all the flight related documents and logs are kept records accordingly for cross checking and examining as necessary:


Documents / Checking



  • Flight plan
  • Flight path

To set up the flying area and route on the map as a flight control reference document


  • Wind speed checking
  • Pre-flight checklist

To ensure the flight condition is good for drones’ operations


  • Flight logs

To keep good recording integrity for flight activities

No Fly Zones at Victoria Harbour

No Fly Zones at Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport
No Fly Zones at Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport

Project with drones



Project Title: TAB2@CityU Biodiversity and Sustainability: Cultivating Citizen Scientists at
CityU (Project funded by Campus Sustainability Fund)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Kam Shing Paul SHIN (Department of Biology and Chemistry) &
Mr. Mathew CHENG (Campus Development and Facilities Office)

image2.JPG Cultural Heritage Project with Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV)


Mr Paul YIP
Tel: 3442-9958