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(Updated 13 May, 2015) Now Hiring: Summer Student Researchers.


What is it?

Addicted to Discovery (ATD) is a summer research project offered by the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE). We ask you to tell us the question you always wanted to ask when you were small and help you look for the answer. We will also help develop this question into a research project, and introduce you to the academic staff here at CityU who are conducting related research. The project can be about anything – from art to science, from geography to history… all depends on your own “childhood question”. If no one knows the answer to your question, we will help you design and conduct experiments so that you can find out the answer on your own.

We have only one purpose: to help you make the first discovery of your life – to find out something nobody else on this planet knows about. You may think discoveries are something made by “other people”: scientists, scholars, clever people – definitely not you! Well, we want to show you how wrong you are.

Once you’ve tasted the fruit of making discovery, you will want to make another, then another. We want you to become addicted – Addicted to Discovery.

To get you addicted, we are going all out: we will give you a lab, we will even give you a salary! This is what the media said about us last year: here, here, here, here and here.