Learning and Discovery Exhibition


The CityU brand of professional education encourages our teachers and students to discover and innovate, and to integrate their ideas for applications in the real world. The exhibition groups displays into two categories – undergraduate innovators / entrepreneurs and exemplary students’ work.

A) Undergraduate Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  • Aid for Visually Impaired Bowlersa system created to help visually impaired bowlers during practice
  • All-in-one Timetablea mobile application for recognizing CityU timetable content
  • Card Scanner for the BlindNFC audio labeler for visually impaired users
  • English Public Speaking Simulationutilizing virtual reality to enhance English speech performance
  • Heycoinsa kiosk network that collects coins and converts them into digital currency
  • Power Wheelchair Simulatora training simulator that simulates the various situations of driving a wheelchair in Hong Kong
  • Sight Keeperan application that develops good habit for using smart phone for young children
  • Trust & Happinessa board game designed for family to build trust between parents and children
  • Twind Turbinea vertical-axis wind turbine applicable for railway system or urban areas

B) Exemplary Students' Work

  • 3D Printingscaled models of local heritage temples for conservation and preservation
  • Bookmarka mobile application for book enthusiasts to purchase second-hand books
  • Hard Candyrevealing the hidden clues of a criminal case using animation
  • MyFoodiea dining and shopping mobile application designed especially for the niche market
  • New Disney Theme Park in Kenyaa proposal for an imagined Disney project in Nairobi, Kenya
  • New Intracellular Delivery Approacha new approach for intracellular delivery for studying genes functions
  • One in a Billionan interactive computer animation inspired by the orbital chaos
  • Plastic Everywherea project on marine microplastic pollution
  • Water is Cleana film photography project about water pollution in Hong Kong
  • WeatherPODa mobile solar-powered weather monitoring hexapod

Let’s celebrate the achievements of our undergraduate students from cross disciplines!


Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM