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Date Topics Location
24 Sep 2016 2016 City University of Hong Kong/Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) "Rebirth of Classicality in Contemporary Era" Academician Symposium 1/F, Dao Yuan Building, Chinese University of Hong Kong (SZ), PRC
11 Oct 2016 Joint Seminar on Scientific Methods in Cultural Heiritage Research - Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian (2016) Shanxi Agricultural University Library, PRC
14 Oct 2016 Link of Hong Kong and Penghu - The 19th Century Multicultural Maritime Customs Lights Services (19世紀香港與澎湖的奇緣 - 燈塔與海事交通) National Penghu University of Science and Technology, TW
1 Nov 2016 An Introduction of the Close Reading of Siku Quanshu (Speaker: FAN Ka Wai (CAH) Korean Room, LIB
20 Nov 2016 翰墨筆鋒知文寫意學生書法活動研討會 User Education Room, Library
26 Dec 2016 Seminar on Rediscovery of Chinese Classics Through Creation of Calligraphic Artwork (2016年浙江大學香港城市大學 "昌明書學連古通今" 學術研討會 2/F Ji Chu Guan, Zi Jin Gang Xiao Qu, Zhejiang University, (浙江大學紫金港校區基礎館2樓), PRC
16 Jan 2017 Chinese Culture Information Session for International Students of GE1501 Course on 16 Jan 2017 LT-6, AC1, City University of Hong Kong
25 Jan 2017 Shanxi Wooden Architecture Project Presentation to Students of the "GE1125 Architecture & Space in Chinese Culture" LT-15, AC1, City University of Hong Kong
25 Jan 2017 Seminar cum Critical Review of Inside the Sakyamuni Pagoda of Fogong Temple (The Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian) 古蹟科學保護調查與研究 - 走進釋迦塔(應縣木塔) CAVE/Information Space Seminar Room, Library
23 Feb 2017 燈塔保育與海事歷史研討會暨《燈塔記憶:澎湖——漁翁島》紀錄片首映會 National Penghu University of Science and Technology Room E604
1 Mar 2017 The Poetry of Brush Writing: 1000 Years of Calligraphy in East Asia Multi-function Hall B, SRO
10 Apr 2017 Seminar on Understanding Lighthouse Heritage Sites along South China Sea Coast in 19th Century LT-13, AC1, City University of Hong Kong
15 Apr 2017 2017年"翰墨筆鋒知文寫意"湘港學生書法藝術交流活動茶文化賞析 中南大學
20 Apr 2017 《燈塔記憶–澳門》紀錄片首映禮暨《澳門燈塔古蹟保育與傳承座談會》 澳門城市大學文化中心展覽廳
4 May 2017 百年燈塔古蹟保育與傳承座談會 Matsu National Scenic Area Adminstration
11-16 May 2017 中日文化交流及推進歷史還原項目 (Re: Advanced High Resolution Imaging Technology for Conservation of Important Artifacts) Yangzhou
20 May 2017 Opening of Roving Exhibition of Science and Art Calligraphy Exhibition by Renowned Academicians and Scholars cum Forum and Sharing (科學與藝術 - 暨浙江理工大學120周年校慶及慶祝香港回歸20周年知名院士書法展覽館(開幕式, 院士與學生筆會, 科學與藝術論壇) Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Library and Theatre (浙江理工大學圖書館/大劇院)