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Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections

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The Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections (LHRC) aims for addressing the needs of society to increase student and staff participation in activities that preserve and appraise lighthouse heritages and also inspiring students to engage with archival collections in discovery, innovation, and community-related activities. The project provides teachers and librarians with an opportunity to deepen learning engagement with students and assist them with a broader range of services.

PATCH organizes field studies, conference/seminars and produces documentaries with Department of Media and Communication; assists students from Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering with their cultural heritage preservation research projects; develops Poetic Heritage Translation Awards with Department of Linguistic and Translation to facilitate and nurture students to gain knowledge of the historical lighthouse buildings and insight into their significances in the maritime history.

This webpage demonstrates how students can contribute to knowledge creation and preservation from historical information on a specific cultural heritage topic which is not static but keeps receiving new contributions or additions to the depositor.