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The Preserving and Appraising Traditional Cultural Heritage (PATCH)


The Preserving and Appraising Traditional Cultural Heritage (PATCH), serves as a coordinating unit that encourages student deployment of various techniques and perspectives to preserve and explore treasures of traditional cultural heritage. It works in partnership with academic departments and external communities. The University has listed “Preserving and Appraising Traditional Cultural Heritage” as one of the Targets and Milestones for Addressing the Needs of Society in General in its Academic Development Plan 2016-2019 triennium. The PATCH offers institutional support and advice for student research projects, field studies, and internships in the area of traditional cultural heritage; organizes international academic exchange activities (seminars / conferences / exhibitions) to promote cross-border mutual understanding of cultural heritage; and works with global community to preserve and publish rare heritage research documentations.

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Email: lbpatch@cityu.edu.hk