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JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards (2020/21)
齊思古詩新解新譯獎 (2020/21)

Call for Participation

2020/21 Translation Project: 《李齊賢·巫山一段雲》瀟湘八景 - 《漁村落照》


Li Jeyeon (1287-1367) was a politician and early Korean Neo-Confucianism scholar and philosopher, writer and poet. 瀟湘八景 - 《漁村落照》is one of the eight scenes Li described in his series of poems.

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(1) 李齊賢 (Yi, Che-hyŏn), & 文集編纂委員會. (1999). 益齋先生文集(Ikchae Sŏnsaeng munjip) (韓國歷代文集叢書 ; 13)( Munjip P‘yŏnch‘an Wiwŏnhoe (Korea); 13). 頁567(Page 567). 서울市(Seoul): 景仁文化社: 供給處韓國學專門書店.
Selected Multi-Volume Sets AC148 .H364 1999. V. 210 (Location: Reference / Research Collection Room, 2F, Run Run Shaw Library)

Other references:

1. Wang Hong 王洪, (1131–1161), “Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers (Xiao-Xiang ba jing 瀟湘八景)” archived in Princeton University Art Museum.
Link: https://artmuseum.princeton.edu/collections/objects/32799

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(2) The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers. (Date: 16th century. Accession Number: 1985.239.1. Medium: One of a triptych of hanging scrolls; ink and color on paper).
Link: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/42489

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