Centre for Systems Informatics Engineering (CSIE)

P7311, 7/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong,
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Our Vision & Mission

The objective of the centre is to create a high quality and influential research hub for developing research methodologies and implementation tools in system informatics, knowledge mining, quality engineering, and prognostics and system health management to serve the industries and societies in Hong Kong, Greater China, and the Asia Pacific region. CSIE's mission is to (i) encourage international research collaboration in theory and applications in informatics, knowledge mining, prognostication and quality engineering in the Asia Pacific region; (ii) bring together statisticians, mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, and physical scientists to work on a variety of interdisciplinary research topics; and (iii) provide an excellent collaborative research platform and environment for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researchers from all over the world. Our quantitative research approaches include, but are not limited to, data mining, diagnostics and prognostics, system health management, stochastic simulation, computer models, and sensor-based inspection technologies.

Research Focus:

  • Health Informatics
    • Modeling, Simulation, and Surveillance of Infectious Diseases
    • Healthcare Operation Optimization and Control
    • Integrated Decision Support System for Health Protection
  • Prognostics and Systems Health Management (PHM)
    • PHM for electronics-rich systems
    • PHM for infrastructures and transportation systems
  • Quality Inspection and Safety Systems
    • Safety Data Acquisition, Mining and Analysis
    • Design of Smart Sensor Systems for Quality Inspection
  • Energy and Environmental Informatics
    • Climate and Environmental Data Mining, Modeling, and Forecasting
    • Energy System and Efficiency Optimization