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Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS)

The Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS) lasts from June till August for a period of 2.5 months during which students conduct their placement overseas. Apart from real work experience, OIS students also gain the valuable opportunity to appreciate life in a different culture and develop a global perspective. Our students have, in the past, been to North and Central America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Support from industry and institutional partners

College of Science has established partnership with institutions worldwide. Our working partners shall:

  • provide a training/ research project relevant to the student’s major study;
  • assign a mentor to co-supervise the student with a CityU supervisor;
  • assist the student in applying for University hostel, guest house, home stay or other kinds of safe accommodation

Interested companies/institutions can send email to Ms. Janice Lam at

Student eligibility

Third year students from the College of Science are eligible to apply for the scheme. Interested students should submit their application in October. Please refer to the Application page for further details. 

FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme

Students accepting the OIS offer will be registered on a 3-CU course FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme in summer. The status of FS4005 in a programme major or how each major recognizes it depends on the major requirements. Any related queries should be directed to Department.

Beware of exceeding the maximum credit limit:

Please note that the maximum number of credit units permitted for a degree is as follows:

  • 4-year degree: 144 credit units (AR 4.1)
  • Advanced Standing I: 114 credit units (AR 6.4.1)
  • Advanced Standing II: 84 credit units (AR 6.5.1)

Students who have completed the maximum credit units permitted as mentioned above cannot register for further courses in subsequent semesters/terms except for (a) those pursuing a double major or double degree paying the extra credits exceeding the above maximum credit limit on a self-financed basis; or (b) students who have been granted special approval to exceed the maximum credit limit due to their change of home major. For any queries on this issue. Please check with Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) and/or students' parent department.

If students will exceed the maximum credit limit upon addition of FS4005 (3 CUs), they should seek advice from the College Office and Department before they apply.

Pre-departure Training and Post-internship Debriefing

1. Students are required to join the Pre-departure Briefing which is offered to prepare them for the OIS.
2. After returning to HK, students are also required to attend a Post-internship Debriefing to consolidate their learning experience.
3. Full attendance is compulsory.

Joint supervision

1. Students are jointly supervised by a host supervisor and a CityU supervisor.
2. Both supervisors shall meet at least once on Skype to discuss and monitor the progress of the students.
3. The meeting shall preferably be held towards the middle of the internship period.
4. It is students’ responsibility to schedule the meeting.
5. Recommendation of an overall Pass grade is needed from both supervisors for students to pass the course.


Students are required to complete the following assignments on time.

Logbook To complete a weekly logbook and submit to the host supervisor for review weekly. The CityU supervisor shall review it upon students’ return to HK. Students should submit the logbook by 31 August
Progress report To submit a progress report by 30 June
Final report To submit a final report by 31 August
Final presentation To deliver a final presentation:
(a) to the host, on site before returning to HK
(b) to the CityU Supervisor in HK before SEM A begins
Reflection essay To submit a reflection essay on how the student benefits from the learning experience by 31 August
Photos and expense summary To submit photos for record & future promotion and expense summary for the reference of future participants by 31 August

Failure to complete any of the above listed requirements will result in failure of the Overseas Internship Scheme.

Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS) 2019
Events OIS
Promotion to NEW training companies Oct 2018 - Feb 2019
Class visits/ Information Sessions Information Session
15 Oct (Mon) / 15:00 / LT-15
16 Oct (Tue) / 11:00 / LT-8
18 Oct (Thu) / 14:00 /LT-15
19 Oct (Fri) / 11:00 / LT-10
Promotion to EXISTING training companies Oct 2018 - Feb 2019
Training Companies to confirm offers and job specifications Oct 2018 - Feb 2019
Student Online Application 15 - 24 Oct 2018
Department screening 5-9 Nov 2018
Company interview Mid Nov to early Dec 2018
Signing Acceptance of Offer Immediately upon confirmation of offer
Student Pre-departure Briefing 21 May 2019
Report duty Late May / Early Jun 2019
Supervisory Site Visit Skype meeting
Final Presentation 27-31 Aug 2019
Debriefing 28 Aug 2019

Applications will open in October. Please stay tuned to this space for more details.

  1. Penultimate year students.
  2. CGPA at or above 2.50 at the time of application. A drastic drop in CGPA after application may render the student ineligible for OIS participation. The College reserves the right to stop processing the application or withdraw the offer even if granted.
  3. Full-time, local or non-local students attending UGC-funded academic programmes that will lead to CityU undergraduate awards.
  4. Students on outbound exchange programme in Semester A/B are eligible to apply. Semester B outbound exchange students need to return to CityU in May to attend the Pre-departure Workshop and Final Briefing. OIS begins in late May/early June. There will be no adjustment to meet individual needs.  Students whose exchange study ends in mid to late June should not apply.
  5. IELTS overall score ≥ 6.5 (individual component ≥ 6.0) is required for some UK and USA positions. Students should take note of the requirements before application.
Student-initiated OIS

The College does NOT process student-initiated OIS.


Ms. Janice Lam Tel: 3422-6175 Email: