• All CSCI students are welcomed to apply for GCSP.
  • First year students are suggested to apply for GCSP in Semester B of their first year of study.
  • Students can work individually or in groups for the Summer Research Projects.
    • Multi-disciplinary topics of the Summer Research projects are recommended.
    • For students who work in groups, members from different CSCI departments and different years are recommended.
    • Students from different colleges are welcomed to join the Summer Research Projects.
  • Stage One: Applications must be submitted together with:
    1. A Statement of Commitment (Not more than 1000 words)
      • Identify the chosen Grand Challenge(s) and explain the vision.
      • Explain how your portfolio will address the issue.
    2. A brief Research Proposal
      • Describe the research proposal and explain how it aligns with the selected Grand Challenge(s).
    3. A copy of transcript^ demonstrating CGPA 2.7 or above.
    4. At least one recommendation from your CSCI faculty mentor^^.

Applicants will receive a conditional offer once the application is accepted by the steering committee.

^ First year students can provide the transcript in Semester B, when the examination results are released.

^^ Students could invite a faculty member to be his/her mentor from the GCSP website (not inclusive).  Students may approach the College (; 3442 4567) if they have difficulties finding a faculty mentor.

  • Stage Two: After receiving the conditional offers, applicants have to submit a detailed Research Proposal, a Curricular Plan and a Budget Plan (Optional) for the Summer Research Project** to the steering committee within two months.
    Offers to enter GCSP and/or the Summer Research Project will be announced in April.

**Applicants who want to apply for the Summer Research Project subsidy are required to complete the Budget plan.

Application Timeline

  Year 2 or above students Year 1 students
Stage One (Conditional offer) November January
Stage Two (Offer) April November