STEM Internship Scheme 2021

Latest Updates

22 July 2021

Deadline for employers to submit new job specification for summer internship is 26 July 2021.
College of Science will not accept any new request after the deadline.
All newly confirmed internships cannot start later than 4 August 2021 and end later than 31 August 2021 (to fulfill 28 calendar days). 
Internships which had already commenced before the deadline could still be considered case-by-case for retrospective registration.

Guidelines for Students

The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has relaunched the STEM Internship Scheme ("the Scheme"). The Scheme aims to encourage STEM students to gain innovation and technology (I & T)-related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in the field of information and technology after graduation.


The Scheme is open to local and non-local undergraduate or research postgraduate (UGC-funded) students from College of Science, CityU, undertaking I & T related internships in Hong Kong, Mainland China or overseas. Non-local students are only allowed to enrol in internships in Hong Kong under the Scheme. The ratio of non-local interns to total number of interns under College of Science is capped at 20% in principle.


The minimum duration for each internship shall be four consecutive weeks with no maximum duration throughout Summer 2021, Semester A, Winter Break and Semester B of 2021/22. Nevertheless, an intern cannot receive allowance under the Scheme for more than three months (on an accumulative basis) in every academic year. All internships in Summer 2021 should be completed by mid-September the latest to ensure sufficient time for reimbursement. For internships to be conducted in Semester A/Winter Break/Semester B in 2021/22, the implementation timeline will be announced in due course. 

Available Jobs

Please see the list of jobs available in the excel file below.
Job list [as of 27July]

The list is updated weekly so please check back often. 

Financial Arrangement

Eligible students undertaking the Scheme will receive a monthly allowance of HK$10,500, fully funded by the HKSAR government, capped at three months. Upon successful completion of the internship, allowance will be disbursed via Finance Office to students directly in November 2021 (for summer internships). Participating employers may pay the student interns a monthly honorarium on top of the allowance under the Scheme with reference to their internal policies, industry benchmarks or market rates. Student must complete the full internship period to receive the allowance. Early termination is not allowed.

Application Procedures

1. Apply to the company directly according to the procedure and deadline as stated in the job list.

2. After you receive the offer from the company, student should submit the "Application form for STEM Internship Scheme" within 3 days upon receiving verbal offer from company or by 6 August 2021, whichever earlier, to Janice Lam ( for approval.  

3. Once your application is approved by the College of Science, you can proceed to sign the appointment letter with the company and begin the internship. 


You are highly encouraged to read the FAQ

Guidelines for Employers

The Scheme is open to local and non-local undergraduate and research postgraduate (UGC-funded) students from our Departments of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.  
Eligible students undertaking the Scheme will receive a monthly allowance of HK$10,500, fully funded by the HKSAR, capped at 3 months, during Summer 2021.  As long as employers are able to provide STEM-related or I and T-related work opportunities with duration at least 4 consecutive weeks and the positions are filled by eligible CityU students; the allowance will be fully funded by the HKSAR via CityU.  
Further details of the Scheme can be found here.  If you would like to recruit College of Science students under the Scheme, please submit potential job details by completing the form here at your earliest convenience.   

After vetting, we will post eligible jobs in the job list above for student's viewing and applying.

If employers have successfully identified and recruited students from College of Science, please email Janice Lam ( the 1) name of the intern 2) internship duration 3) a copy of the signed appointment letter for record. 


Janice Lam ( / 3442 6175)