Internship Courses

Guidelines for Students

To enhance students’ participation in self-solicited internships, four new internship courses (0 credit) were introduced to undergraduate students from College of Science, with implementation from Summer Term 2021.

This course is designed to enhance and enrich students’ educational experience by integrating the academic component of their degree programme with the practical workplace experience gained at the internship site in local and/or international contexts. The course provides an opportunity for students to apply theories, practices, and skills in the workplace setting, and to critically reflect on the efficacy of the knowledge learnt in the classroom. Students work at their host organisations for a minimum of 2 weeks (full-time) or 75 hours (part-time).

Course Code & Title


Course syllabus

CSCI0001 Internship

For Year 1 students



CSCI0002 Internship

For Year 2 students

CSCI0003 Internship

For Year 3 students

CSCI0004 Internship

For Year 4 students



To enroll in the internship course, students should submit the following assessment documents upon completion of the internship to the College of Science Office (G5215, YEUNG or by the specified deadlines.

  1. Internship Reflective Report (Template)  - No less than 500 words to reflect upon your major learning and personal gain at the internship placement. The report is subject to internship coordinator’s assessment whether the internship is programme-related and that learning outcomes have been achieved.
  2. Employer Evaluation Report (Template) – to confirm student’s satisfactory performance during the internship period.

Course registration will be done by the College if all requirements are met.


Deadlines to Submit Assessment Documents

6 January 2023 for internships completed during Semester A 2022/23

2 June 2023 for internships completed during Semester B 2022/23

25 August 2023 for internships completed during Summer Term 2022/23*

*CSCI0004 is not offered in Summer Term 2022/23. 

Incentive Programme for Self-Solicited Internships

With funding support from the Career & Leadership Centre, the first 80 students from College of Science who successfully enroll in the internship course (0 credit) and receive a pass grade in Academic Year 2022-23 will receive a one-off subsidy of HK$500.*
*Job assignments under Campus Internship Scheme (CIS), ITC STEM Internship Scheme, Industrial Attachment Scheme (IAS), Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS), Co-operative Education Scheme (CES) or internships entitled to any university/government grants or public subsidies are not eligible for the Incentive Programme. 

The subsidy will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


You are highly encouraged to read the FAQ.


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