C08: Strolling along Leonardo’s Path: Science, Art and the Third Culture

C08: Strolling along Leonardo's Path: Science, Art and the Third Culture (在達文西的小路上漫步:科學,藝術和第三文化

Advances of science, such as biotechnology and artificial intelligence, are changing our lives. Most of us are puzzled by the promises and threats posed by these inventions, while astounded by the power and beauty of science. A new generation of thinkers are developing transdisciplinary practices that blur boundary between art and science. They communicate scientific ideas, critique the unchecked technological development, and initiate a new culture, in which science, technology and art are no longer separate disciplines, but are overlapping aspects of creativity. The speaker will introduce a number of important works in this area, as well as new works by emerging Asian artists, and discuss the impact of transdisciplinary thinking on research and education.     


Speaker: Dr. Yun-Wah LAM
Duration: 1 hour
Medium of Language: English or Cantonese 

Registration: https://popularsciencetalks202122.questionpro.com