C06: Novel Porous Materials for Heavy Metal Removal

C06: Novel Porous Materials for Heavy Metal Removal (新型高效複合材料對貴金屬的檢測及回收

We showcase a novel class of solid state materials for highly efficient detection and retrieval of noble metals— sprinkle a pinch of solid into the solution, look at the color change of the solid, and you know the type and concentration of the noble metal present—as simple as that. Moreover, the noble metal species thus detected can be conveniently recovered by immersing the loaded network solid in a solution containing binder agents, while re-activating the original host network at the same time. By synergizing the forefront technologies in the design and synthesis of porous materials, our materials and methodologies provide the practical advantages of being low-cost, environmentally friendly and highly reusable.    


Speaker: Professor Zhengtao XU
Duration: 30 minutes
Medium of Language: English or Cantonese or Mandarin

Registration: https://popularsciencetalks202122.questionpro.com