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Student wins Young Investigator Poster Prize at Bosch Institute Annual Scientific Meeting

Young Investigator Poster Prize

Christelle with her supervisor, Dr. Stuart Fraser from the University of Sydney.

Ms. Christelle Fung Ka Yee, a third year student from the Department of Chemistry, was awarded the Young Investigator Poster Prize in the Bosch Institute Annual Scientific Meeting, which was held at the University of Sydney on 1 August 2019.

The Bosch Institute conducts an Annual Scientific Meeting each year and the theme for this year is Cancer on the Run: The Tumour Microenvironment and Novel Therapeutics.

Christelle joined the Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS) this summer and is currently at the University of Sydney conducting a research project under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Fraser from the School of Medical Sciences.

Christelle said she was surprised to be awarded and was grateful for the opportunity to present data at the conference.