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Quick Start Information

Help Desk (ext. 7658) - A service line for the handling of general enquiries and users’ problems. Problems and queries will be directed to appropriate personnel for the provision of most appropriate solutions and advice.

Application for Connection and CSC Work Request forms - The former is a request form for connecting the office PCs to central or departmental networks. It is obtainable from the CSC General Office. The latter form is for miscellaneous jobs such as software and hardware installations and is available from the general office of the staff's department.

Different types of computer accounts are available for gaining access to various computing facilities, services and networks. Staff who would like to apply for his/her first computer account or additional accounts on host computer for project and research, should fill in the web-based "Computer Account Application" form on the University Intranet Administrative Services Web page.

CSC Publications - The CSC publishes booklets on the use of its various facilities. These booklets are available for sale in the University Computer Shop. (Please refer to Appendix II of the CSC Handbook for a list of CSC publications).

University Message contains messages of important events and announcements posted by various departments in CityU. They can be read via four different channels. Firstly, these messages are available upon booting up a networked PC or by selecting the appropriate network menu option. Secondly, the archive of these messages can be found inside the bulletin board "University Messages Archive" of PolyLink's Staff Channel. Thirdly, by subscribing to, one will receive email containing these messages which are posted on the Board. Lastly, the messages can be accessible from CityU Home Page under the "News" section.

PolyLink is an integrated electronic message system for convenient communication among students, staff, departmental offices and authorized external users. It features email, bulletin boards, staff channel and electronic lockers. To learn more about the CSC and ask questions, staff and students can access bulletin boards : "CSC - Facilities and Services", "Computing Services Centre News File", and "CSC Connection - Suggestions and Queries".”.

Quick Staff Channel provides quick and easy access to the PolyLink staff channel without the need to enter the username and password. Staff Channel is a bulletin board service for departments to post staff announcements, open discussions on topics of interest and activities alike.

INNOPAC - The CityU Library Catalogue system designed for online enquiry about books and references available in the Run Run Shaw Library, new arrivals and on-order book lists.

University Yellow Pages is a computerized campus telephone directory which stores the most up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses for easy and fast look-up. Its counterpart can be accessed on the Web via

Personal Data Enquiry System enables you to check your personal information kept by the Human Resources Office. Password is required to ensure confidentiality. In the Administrative Services of the CityU Intranet, a similar system called Personal Leave (And Data) Enquiry System (For Regular Staff) is provided for easy access of personal leave information through the Web.

Internet Service includes Newsgroups and the World Wide Web accessible through Lynx (text-based browser) and Netscape (graphical browser). The url of the CityU’s Home Page is

The Media Production Service (MPS) is a service bureau equipped with various necessary equipment and software for the production of presentation and teaching materials in various forms and media. For a full list of services provided, please contact the MPS directly at ext. 8257.

Videoconferencing is a service available for booking at any time by calling CSC at ext. 7658. Depending on your preference, it could be a face-to-face desktop conference in your own office or a seminar conference that involves a group of people in various locations either within campus or across local/overseas institutions.

CityLink Plus is the Internet dial-up access service using Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) protocol. For details please visit our Web site at Below is a complete list of all dial-up numbers together with the time-out scheme.

Dial-up Numbers CityLink Plus only: 27765786 (staff only), 27773097

Dual Service (CityLink Plus / CityLink): 27760999 (staff only), 21950000*, 23196000*, 23197400*, 27773191

Time out Scheme From 08:00 to 17:59 2-hour time out for all numbers

From 18:00 to 01:59 2-hour time out: 27765786 (staff only), 27760999 (staff only), 23196000*, 27773097,21950000*, 23197400* 1/2 hour time out: 27773191

From 02:00 to 07:59 No time out for all numbers

* 56K Flex

CSC News is a brief newsletter published by the CSC for staff only. It is the primary means of communication between the Centre and its users, in which information like announcements, notices, departmental developments is included.

Staff Short Courses are offered regularly to familiarize staff on software packages, computer systems, various information services and World Wide Web authoring. Special courses may also be conducted upon request by departments. The annual course schedule is published in the "Staff Course Directory Semester B 98-99" booklet (jointly published by CSC, LIB, MIO & MPU) ; and on the Web (

CSC Forum is a series of technological seminars for all students and staff members. Top computer professionals are invited to give seminars on their specialized fields. Demonstrations and video shows on the latest computer equipment and software packages are also arranged. For more information, look for upcoming University messages and posters, or call our Ada Lau at ext. 9834.

CSC Small Talk is a series of free informal talks about CSC's services and facilities as well as practical computer issues. Schedule details will be announced through CSC News, email, PolyLink or University Messages.

A Departmental Liaison Officer is nominated by each department, to serve as a communication channel between the department and the CSC, especially the CSC Representative (see P.19) for matters arising from day-to-day operations.

Teaching Studio Booking - Prior to a new semester, all departments are required to submit their booking requests for the semester to the REG before time-tabling process. Thereafter, if there are still rooms available, they can be reserved via the online booking system - Terminal Booking System.

CityU Software Licence Agreements - The CSC has entered into a number of licencing agreements with suppliers. Although the terms on these agreements vary, the software packages are generally purchased at a relatively low price. For enquiries, please contact our Jessica Chong at ext. 8230.

University Computer Shop is situated near the entrance of the CSC on Level 2. Consignment goods such as PCs, workstations, software, printers, floppy diskettes, computer stationeries and accessories are available for the convenience of staff and students. It also provides maintenance service on computer equipment to departments.

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