New Arrangement for Staff Computer Courses

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Noel Laam

Following last year's good result, the staff computer courses are out-sourced again this year to attract qualified trainers to teach our colleagues. staffcourses.GIF (1014 bytes)

In this academic year, the Computer Power Training Services, one of the largest training organisations in Hong Kong that provide IT education and professional services, is selected as the primary trainer for most staff computer courses offered by the CSC. Toppan Forms Computer Systems Ltd. is chosen as the backup trainer when Computer Power is not readily available, and it will mainly be responsible to provide courses like 'MS Visual Basic 5.0' and 'Java Programming'.

Besides the course providers, there are some changes on the course date as well. If you remember, the staff computer courses were used to be held on Tuesday and Friday throughout the academic year. In an effort to make the courses as available to the CityU colleagues as possible, they will be offered on Monday and Wednesday in Semester A, and Tuesday and Friday in Semester B and Summer Semester. Apart from this, some popular courses like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access will be organised twice in one semester (except for Summer Semester), each course being scheduled on a different weekday.

When we are planning the new courses, we always have your different needs in mind. Therefore, would you please let us know your suggestions and preferences so that we can further make these courses serve their purposes?

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