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Issue 41 - September 2004

Internet Security Protection at CityU
Since many easy-to-use and powerful Internet applications are now readily available, more and more people in CityU are making use of the Internet for their daily studies, researches and electronic communication of all forms. In addition, with an increasing number of students living in hostels, the network communication between CityU and the Internet had risen significantly...

The new Banner Payroll and Personal Data Enquiry System
With the recent implementation of the new Banner Payroll and Personal Data Enquiry System, we have reached a major milestone in enhancing the user experience in accessing payroll and personal information as well as improving the inter-departmental workflow efficiency, such as the Human Resources Office (HRO) and Finance Office (FO), among others...

What's Up

Delayed Deployment of Windows XP Service Pack 2
In addition to a collection of all the security fixes to date, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) contains major improvements in network protection, memory protection, email security and browser security to effectively guard against hackers, viruses, and worms...

Fab Servers to Upgrade the CityU VoD
CityVoD, first launched in February 1999, allows users to select and view video from an archive over the network. This technology greatly enhances the availability of multimedia information for lecture and leisure, and adds substantial value to the quality of higher education...

CSC News Clip
As email now becomes an indispensable tool for communication, and with different forms of multi-media documents regularly being exchanged via email, providing sufficient disk quota to accommodate the email and its associated documents is as important as providing unfailing and speedy delivery of email...

User Education

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