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Issue 21 - September 1999
Words from the Editor

A Few Words from the Editor...
Welcome all to a new year of computing at the City University of Hong Kong. Many technology developments are in store that will change the way we teach and learn and perform our daily work. To meet the increasing demands, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) is gearing up for a busy year in anticipation of major computing developments...

Special Article

New and Improved

Brand New Dial-Up Facility - Wanna Give It a Try?
We have been providing in-house dial-up facility for members of the University for several years. Though we always employ the most advanced technologies at the time of installation, as time goes by, the advancement of new telecommunication technologies is so rapid that it becomes impractical to keep on upgrading our existing modem pools to catch up with the contemporary standards...

Let's Look at the University Messages on CityU Intranet
The CityU Intranet was successfully implemented in early August. Since then, University Messages followed suit and became Web-based. Therefore it is possible to add many interesting elements like pictures, images, sounds etc. to the messages. Incorporating hyperlinks also makes it easy to direct Web surfers to related or more detailed information. Most important of all, you can now read these messages wherever and whenever you have an Internet connection...

What's New in the CSC Student Terminal Area?
To meet the increasing demand of PC laboratories for conducting computer classes and hands-on tutorials, we have swapped Rooms J and K and equipped Room J with more PCs...

PolyLink Turning to Become Web-based
In this summer, the Computing Services Centre has been working on upgrading the PolyLink e-mail to a new Web-based e-mail system. The e-mail system is built upon the Sun Internet Mail Server (SIMS) system and the Mailspinner Web-based e-mail user interface running on the powerful Sun UltraSparc Enterprise servers...

CityTouch - Do you Know What It is?
For instance, Campus News brings you all kinds of University Messages including Announcements, Events, Press Clippings, etc. Newsletter contains links to University publication such as University Bulletin and Linkage as well as links to newsletters of various departments...

Activity Clips

Highlights of the Wireless LAN Pilot Scheme
A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a flexible data communication system implemented as an extension to, or as an alternative for, a wired LAN within a building. Using radio frequency technology, WLAN receives and transmits data over the air, minimising the need for wired connections...

Computer Ownership Programme for Students
If you are considering to purchase a new computer or to replace your existing one, now it is the time to act quickly...

How Ready Are We for Y2K?
Much has been said about the y2k awareness and conversion project in June 1998, March and June 1999 issues of the Network Computing. It is time to report the y2k compliance progress in the Computing Services Centre (CSC)...

Phasing out of DECNET and Pathworks Mail under Windows 95/DOS
In order to be y2k compliant, the DECNET and all the services depending on it, especially the Pathworks Mail, under Windows 95/DOS were phased out on 31 August 1999...


News from ISAC
Information Services Advisory Committee (ISAC) is a committee that advises the Senate on matters concerning the policy and development of the Information Services Group. The following are a list of issues reviewed and reported in the ISAC...

User Education

Upcoming CSC Forums and Small Talks
Is keeping up with technology one of your hobbies in life? If this is the case, Computing Services Centre (CSC) Forum and Small Talks are definitely your cup of tea. CSC Forum is a series of seminars conducted during each Semester for all staff and students...


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