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Issue 40 - June 2004

Using the Server-side Spam Filtering Service
Spam, or junk mail, refers to unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) and unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE). Example includes unsolicited advertisements. Spam spreads everywhere on the Internet nowadays and create problems to most of the e-mail users. Although e-mail companies and standards bodies are trying to work on new ways to deal with this problem, receiving junk mail is still unavoidable with today's e-mail standards and technology...

Restrictions on Delivering E-mail with Unsafe Attachments
Unsafe attachments of e-mails may threaten the security or integrity of the recipient's computer when they are opened. For example, opening an e-mail attachment with extension such as ".exe", ".vbs" or ".scr" causes it to be executed as a program. Executing a malicious program may unleash harmful payloads (e.g. a computer virus) and damage your computer...

What's Up

CSC Strives to Ensure a Virus-Free Environment
IThe Sasser virus and its variants have been rampaging on the Internet since May 2004. According to the information provided by Symantec, Sasser is an Internet worm spreading through the MS04-011 (LSASS) vulnerability...

A Brief Glance at the Usage of Video Conferencing Facility
The Video Conferencing facility (VC) has always been popular among CityU users, and have you ever wondered what it is used for?...

A New Way to Connect: USB Device
In recent years, most computers connect to external devices in a new way, known as Universal Serial Bus (USB). USB is an easy way to connect to numerous types of devices including printers, digital cameras, game pads, joysticks, keyboards, mouse devices, and storage devices etc. As USB is a very commonly used standard, let us look at it in more detail and see how it is supported in the University....

User Education

Tech Terms: Do You Know What They Mean?
Some of the technical terms we use in our daily work were mentioned in our last issue. This issue, we shall continue to provide definitions of the ones that were often raised at the CSC Help Desk...


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