Best Printing Practice

The printing facilities set up in the CSC Teaching Studio Areas are solely for your academic work. You should print only materials directly related to your course work and those pages that are really needed. As a responsible user, you can help us reduce waste in many ways and some useful hints are shown below.

  1. Print a single copy of your course work

    Students should only print one copy of their work and then make photocopies when they require multiple copies for special needs.

  2. Print on both sides of paper

    The laser printers installed inside the CSC Teaching Studio Areas are capable of printing in duplex mode. When you print, you can click on the Properties option and enable Print on Both Sides to save paper.
    Users can save up print quota by using duplex printing through the Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue. Whenever users use duplex printing to print out a piece of paper through the Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue, the print quota will be deducted by 1.5 instead of 2.

  3. Print multiple pages per sheet

    The laser printers are also able to print multiple pages per sheet. Again, click on the Properties option when you print and then select the number of Pages per Sheet.

  4. Use document preview rather than draft copy

    Print a copy of your document only when it is absolutely necessary. If you only want to proofread your document, you can achieve this purpose by simply using the Print Preview option. When you have finalized your document, you may consider printing a hardcopy.

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