Fast Network Printing - charged service (Guideline for Teaching Studio Users)

(For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions / Policies for this service)

Fast network printing service is available in Computing Services Centre for providing fast, high quality Black/White and Color printings. It is a charged service to supplement the existing quota-based printing service with the following purposes:

  • Provides self-service printing in both Color and in Black & White;
  • Supports high-volume printing at fast speed, and
  • Provides low-cost printing when the allocated print quota is used up.

Three high performance printers called "Charge01", "Charge02" & "CMC_Charge01" are used for the service. Two print queues are created for each printer so as to provide optimized settings for Black/White or Color printings.

Printers can be found at the following locations:

  • Charge01 [Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI) 4/F near CSC Service Counter]
  • Charge02 [Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI) 5/F Main Entrance]
  • CMC_Charge01 (CMC 4/F)

Steps for printing:

  1. Print at workstation
    1. Connect to the print queue for fast network printing through the Work Desk MenuConnect Print Queue in Work Desk Menu
    2. Print to the desired print queue in your application (e.g. Microsoft Word)Print in application
    3. Enter Secure Print ID and Password, and then press OKEnter Secure Print ID & Password


  1. Release print jobs at the printer
    1. Go to the printer you printed to
    2. Insert Octopus Card
    3. Press Secure Print User Box

      Secure Print User Box

    4. Input ID (=Secure Print ID) and then press OKEnter Secure Print ID
    5. Input Password and then press OKEnter Password
    6. The file of the Secure Print ID you entered will be shown. Select file to print or press Select All to select all files,  and then press PrintSelect files to print
    7. Press Start to printStart to print
    8. Remove Octopus Card

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