How to Get Access to CityU Friends Email Service (FES) - for retiree

A retiree who accepts, in writing, HRO's invitation for the CityU Friends Email Service (FES) is required to activate his/her Friends Email Account (FEA) by supplying a password of his/her choice through the link "Activate Friends Email Service" under the Friends tab of the Email Services home page at  An FEA takes on the notation "<EID>", where "<EID>" is your CityU Electronic ID (EID).  Below are some of the important issues regarding the FES.

  1. Once the FEA is successfully activated, the FES Webmail can be accessed through "" under the Friends tab of the Email Services home page. The retiree (FEA holder) should timely inform all his/her email correspondents of his/her FEA (i.e. <EID>, or <Alias> where "<Alias>" is the Personal Email Alias of your Staff Email Account if you have registered for one before).

  2. "Email Forwarding" under the retiree's Staff Email Account (SEA) (notation <EID> will be set to the FEA by the system shortly after the activation of FEA so that all subsequent emails sent to the SEA will be automatically forwarded to the newly activated FEA, meaning that you should start using your FEA.

  3. Emails sent from the retiree's SEA through the University Webmail will have the FEA address appearing as the sender address; hence all subsequent replies from the retiree's email correspondents will go to his/her FEA, and not his/her SEA.

  4. A retiree using email client software (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) on any of his/her own PCs should change the sender email address information in his/her PCs to the FEA immediately, or on or before the end of the SEA grace period (which last for 60 calendar days from the last day of service as specified in the account expiry notification sent to the retiree by the CSC before the end of his/her service).

  5. The FES is supported by Google through their Google Apps Education Edition service.  Further details of the service can be obtained from the "FAQs of Friends Email Service" under the Friends tab of the Email Services home page.

If a retiree, after accepting in writing HRO's invitation for FES, fail to activate his/her FEA before the end of the grace period, it will be considered that he/she is no longer interested in the FES and his/her FEA including the email therein, if any, will be removed from the system immediately after the grace period.

A retiree's SEA account will cease to be accessible and operative after the grace period. The retiree is expected, before the expiration of the grace period, to complete the migration of the emails in his/her SEA that he/she wants to keep to the FEA.  After the grace period, all emails under the SEA will be removed from the system and become inaccessible.  Hence, if a retiree fails to BOTH activate the FES account and migrate emails from the SEA to the FEA within the grace period, he/she will lose all his/her emails in the SEA and the FEA with no way to recover.


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