Frequently Asked Question for Microsoft Office 2010

For Staff

  1. What is Microsoft Office 2010?

    Microsoft Office 2010 is the newest version of the Microsoft productivity suite. It was released in May 2010.

  2. What is the edition using in CityU?

    The edition we are using in CityU is the Office 2010 Professional Plus edition. It includes the following components. For more information about this version, users are encouraged to visit the web page

    What's included

  3. How can I install Microsoft Office 2010 in CityU?

    Microsoft Office 2010 is available in the Work Desk Menu of Windows 7/Vista. User can install it through the Work Desk Menu.

  4. Where can I get the source media of Microsoft Office 2010?

    The source media of Microsoft Office 2010 has been delivered to the General Office of your department. You can contact the DNA of your department or the staffs of your general office for the media.

  5. Is activation required for Microsoft Office 2010?

    Yes, activation is required for Microsoft Office 2010. A dialog box for activation will be shown after installation. You can activate it through the dialog box.

    MS Office Activation Wizard

    Or, by following the steps below:

    1. Open Microsoft Word 2010
    2. Open Backstage view by clicking on the File tab
    3. Click Help in the set of tabs on the left
    4. Click Licensing Operations and then click Activate Product
  6. What's new in Microsoft Office 2010?

    A web page has been prepared for introducing the new features/changes of Microsoft Office 2010. Please visit the web page ( for more information.

  7. Where can I find the information of the new Microsoft Office 2010 user interface?

    The information for the user interface of Microsoft Office 2010 is unavailable yet.

    You may refer to the user interface information of Office 2007 for reference.