Related Policies

Web publishers at the City University of Hong Kong are responsible for the contents of the pages they publish and are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and responsibility. These responsibilities apply to all publishers, from academic departments to administrative offices. In addition, publishers should make sure that the use of resources is tied firmly to the mission of the CityU and all Web activities must support research, education, administrative processes, community service and legitimate pursuits. They are also required to comply with relevant CityU rules and policies, and international and local laws concerning appropriate use of computers, information and data security.

The following are policies and regulations relevant to the Web publication in CityU.

  1. CTNET Acceptable Use Policy

    CTNET (City University Campus Network) is connected to HARNET (Hong Kong Academic and Research Network) linking up the campus networks of the eight UGC institutions. Hence, allHARNET users are obliged to comply with the HARNET Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, CityU has prepared the CTNET Acceptable Use Policy based on the HARNET policy to incorporate the extras that a CityU network user should observe.

    The CTNET Acceptable Use Policy has been published in Student Handbook, CSC's Student Guide, Computing Services Centre Handbook, and on the University's Home Page under the item CityU Code.

  2. Policy on Use of the University Name

    Use only approved logos or logotypes on web publications or any other graphical applications. Graphics, text, colors and layout of the logos are indispensable and hence must be used as a unit.

  3. Computer Crimes Ordinance

    The Computer Crimes Ordinance became law in April 1993. The Ordinance clarifies and amends the criminal law related to the misuse of computers. Misuse of computers includes causing a computer to function other than its intended functions, changing or erasing content of any application software or data, and adding any program or data to a computer.

    Publishers should take extra care to avoid putting up virus-infected software, or any applications which may cause undesirable effects on the data, files and computer system of the users.

  4. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

    Published as Ordinance No. 81 of 1995, it protects the privacy of individuals in relation to personal data and provides for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith. Publishers should not disclose any personal information without the permission of that individual.

  5. Copyright Issue

    Publishers must comply with international and local copyright laws and should not present copyrighted materials on the web without permission. They should understand individual and institutional obligations regarding license agreements for computer software used at the University.

    In some instances, for example where the University is in collaboration with industry, commercial confidentiality has to be preserved, and the authors of the work have to be consulted.

    In case of doubt, publishers may consult CSC or, better, the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong Government.

  6. Intellectual Property Rights Issue

    CityU supports the production of intellectual property by departments, staff and students for the benefit of the institution and society, and, at the same time, recognizes and honors the intellectual property rights of others.

    Publishers are reminded that they have to bear responsibility for intellectual property rights infringement. Works communicated in electronic forms are subject to copyright unless specifically stated to the contrary. Publishers should not assume that they have the right to forward or distribute these works as such action may violate the copyright law. Utilization of any electronically transmitted information should be within the "fair use" principle unless permission has been obtained from the original author.

    The same standards of intellectual and academic honesty and plagiarism apply to electronic information as to other forms of published work. For example, published material must include source information if external materials are referenced.

    In case of doubt, publishers may consult CSC or, better, the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong Government.

  7. No Commercial Advertising

    No advertisements or promotional materials regarding private ventures, products, or services should be included in CityU's Internet resource.

  8. No Indecent Materials

    Absolutely no indecent, vulgar, pornographic materials are allowed in CityU Web. Should such pages be discovered, they will be deleted without the consensus from the originator and the case will be reported for disciplinary action.

Staff Personal Web Page Disclaimer

The content of and any views expressed in the personal pages of this website ( are solely the responsibility of the page author(s) and are not responsibility of City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”). As the information contained in such personal pages is not provided by CityU, CityU is not responsible for the accuracy of such information. CityU does not accept responsibility for or endorse the content of any link or linked site in such personal pages.

CityU does not review or monitor the content of personal pages of this website.