Change Password Tips for Mobile Device User

  1. If you are accessing MS Exchange or Microsoft 365, Wireless LAN, VPN from mobile devices where passwords are auto-stored, please recall how to change passwords for these services on your mobile devices before you change your AD password, otherwise all services will become inaccessible on your mobile devices after your AD password is changed as your mobile device will still attempt to access these services using the auto-stored old AD password but you don't know how to change it to the required new AD password. For your reference, steps for changing Wi-Fi and MS Exchange passwords on iPad are available at

  2. If you will be invoking the Change Password function on campus using a mobile device connecting to the campus Wi-Fi, you will need to change your mobile device Wi-Fi connection password right after you have changed your AD password since your new AD password will take effect immediately after you have changed it but your old AD password which has been invalid is still being used to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Such conflicting situation will cause your mobile device Wi-Fi connection being cut off. To avoid confusion, you are advised to invoke the Change Password function from a desktop PC then modify the respective passwords on your mobile devices afterwards.