Facilities for Students with Special Needs - Computing Services Centre

Facilities for Students with Special Needs

Wheelchair Access

Height adjustable tables

Height adjustable tables are provided for wheelchair students in the following CSC managed teaching studios:

LI-G600 LI-4307 LI-5604
LI-4101 LI-4400 LI-5606
LI-4109 LI-4412 LI-5607
LI-4200 LI-5500 LI-5608
LI-4208 LI-5601  


Facilities for the Visually Impaired

screen-reader software Dolphin Supernova(USB version) and a notetaker HIMS Braille Sense Plus

A screen-reader software "Dolphin Supernova" (USB version) and a notetaker "HIMS Braille Sense Plus" are provided for visually impaired students to use in the CSC Teaching Studio Areas. Dolphin Supernova is combined screen reader and magnifier with Braille Support. HIMS Braille Sense Plus is a notetaker and act as a Braille display from the computer. Students must reserve and check out these software and hardware at the Service Counter.



A computer workstation for the Visually Impaired





A computer workstation is installed for easy access by the Visually Impaired. It has been configured to work with "Dolphin Supernova" and "HIMS Braille Sense Plus".


Remark: These facilities are set up for students with special need to attend classes in the Computing Services Centre only. For general study and coursework, please use the facilities provided inside the Library.

Special Equipment Booking/Cancellation Form

For students who need special equipment for attending class inside the CSC Teaching Studio Areas, please submit the Special Equipment Booking/Cancellation Form to the Service Counter 2 working days in advance for arrangement. Telephone booking is also accepted at 3442 8340. Students may also make the online booking at http://crs.cityu.edu.hk/.

Please note that the booking of the special equipment is for students with genuine needs only.