Wireless LAN Access Services

Wireless LAN (WLAN) allows mobile users to access the network at any location covered by its access points. University members (staff, students and alumni) can enjoy various kinds of WLAN access services.

1. CityU WLAN

Firstly introduced in 1997 and matured in 2006, CityU WLAN was implemented as an extension to the wired network of the Computing Services Centre so that staff and students can connect easily within campus to the campus network and hence the Internet without a wire. Currently over 2800 access points are installed in the CityU campus covering most areas including the University Concourse, the classrooms/LTs, the Student Residence, the To Yuen Building and selected places at departments with excellent connection quality at a speed of up to 3.4 Gbps (802.11ac).

Please click here for the installation procedures.

2. Eduroam 

Eduroam stands for Education Roaming. It is a location independent WiFi network that allows staff and students of any member institution, say the CityU, to log on the WLAN of other member institutions in the world when they are there, using the same credentials (username and password) of their home institution, that is, using the CityU's Network Connection Username and Password. To break the regional boundary of the WLAN service, the CityU has joined the Eduroam in 2008. In consequence, Staff and students can enjoy free-of-charge Internet access at any Eduroam-enabled institutions all over the world. All UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong are members and most of them are already Eduroam-enabled.

Please visit Eduroam Hong Kong (http://www.eduroam.hk/) for the participant list and the Eduroam main site (http://www.eduroam.org/) for the background and the support framework of Eduroam.

Please click here for the installation procedures.

3. WiFi Hotspots 

WiFi hotspots are locations in Hong Kong where wireless broadband connection is provided by the Wireless Service Providers to enable their customers, through paid subscription, to access the Internet. The University has made arrangement with two of the major Wireless Service Providers, namely CSL Wi-Fi and Y5Zone, in 2008 to allow staff and students to have free Internet access at their hotspots. CSL Wi-Fi has more than 9,000 hot spots and Y5Zone has more than 3,000 hotspots in Hong Kong, many of which are located at cafes, fast food shops and shopping malls, etc.

Please visit http://www.cslwifi.com or http://www.y5zone.net for the hotspot lists of CSL Wi-Fi and Y5Zone respectively.

Please click here for the installation procedures.

4. Alumni WiFi

Alumni WiFi is a specially designed wireless network utilizing the existing wireless infrastructure to allow CityU Alumni to use their CityU EID to enjoy free Internet connection inside the CityU campus.

Please click here for the installation procedures.

Alumni may refer to the homepage of Alumni Relations Office (//www.cityu.edu.hk/cityu/dpt-admin/aro.htm) for more information.

5. GovWiFi and Wi-Fi.HK

University members can also access the free wireless Internet services through the GovWiFi or Wi-Fi.HK facilities at designated government premises or hotspots. Please refer to the GovWiFi (http://www.gov.hk/wifi) or Wi-Fi.HK (http://www.wi-fi.hk) homepage for more information, and refer to the user guide and the locator in the same page for the set-up and locations respectively.

Best practice of using WLAN 

Once you have your notebook connected to any WLAN, you are exposing yourself to potential attacks. Therefore, network security and data protection is extremely important, especially when you are using public wireless hotspots. Please click here for the best practice of using WLAN to protect your notebook and safeguard your information while enjoying wireless computing. You may also visit the Infosec of the Hong Kong Government (http://www.infosec.gov.hk/english/yourself/wireless.html) for tips on using the wireless network.


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