Central Network Storage (SAN and NAS)

The EMC SAN infrastructure has been adopted for providing central storage for most of the critical services. The employment of SAN gives rise to easy management of storage, reduce footprints, and allow dynamic reallocation of storage resources. Using the Fibre Channel technology, delivery of data through SAN is fast and highly reliable.

The EMC Symmetrix and Clariion storage system is used for providing this central storage. The EMC Celerra system is used for the setting up of the NAS system. Coupled with the SAN storage, this NAS system provides central file services to all departmental users.

To minimise the operational and system management of the vast amount of SAN storage, the EMC EDM Backup system is used. This centralized backup system allows efficient data archiving and retrieval, and reduces operational and system management effort. All backup operations are fully automatic and properly distributed amongst all servers that use this backup system.