External Connections

HARNET diagram

CTNET has multiple connections to the Internet:

HARNET (The Hong Kong Academic and Research Network) is the wide-area network that links up the campus networks of the eight local universities with the Internet. Currently HARNET has separate links to the commodity Internet, HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange), CERNET (China Education and Research Network) and TEIN3 (The research and education network for Asia-Pacific linking Asia-Pacific to Europe and beyond). CTNET has multiple links to HARNET for Internet traffic as well as video conferencing and video broadcasting activities amongst the member institutions.

HGC – CTNET has its own connection to the Internet via HGC with a bandwidth of 250 Mbps.

IPv6 Connectivity

CTNET is connected to the global IPv6 networks via direct connections to HARNET. With these connections in place, CTNET users may experiment or try out Internet applications running on top of the next generation IP protocols.