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No. 4   17 November 2003  


President on funding cut
Prof H K Chang, President, told CityU Students' Union representatives on 13 November that he opposed any further budget cut in the coming triennium 2005-08 for CityU, on top of the announced withdrawal of funding for the associate degrees and the proposed cuts of approximately 10% in 2004-05. He said that such a cut would definitely affect the quality of education for CityU and could even jeopardize its fundamental mission. Any disproportionate cut to the tertiary sector in the triennium 2005-08 would hurt the efforts made over the past 20 years to develop higher education in Hong Kong.

He also said he understood and sympathized the students' sentiments against funding cuts and had confidence in their choice of an effective and rational method to express their concerns; he urged them to be prudent in their action.


Staffing measures
The Council's Executive Committee, on the initiative of the University Management, endorsed, at its recent meeting on 10 November, two staffing policies for the approval of the Council 24 November: an across-the-board pay cut (3% + 3%) following the Civil Service practice, with effect from, respectively, 1 January 2004 and 2005; and to launch a Departure Scheme for substantiated superannuable staff on a voluntary basis.

The Executive Committee also recommended to the Council to endorse, in principle, the Management's general approach to deal with the impending financial constraints. Pending further details from the University Grants Committee on the 2005ˇV08 triennium, the University will further explore and refine the other proposals of the Management Board's Core Group, with more staff inputs.


AD Final Report
The Council's Working Group on Associate Degree Programmes, chaired by Mr S M Chung, Treasurer, submitted a final report in which it has modified its major recommendation on staff remuneration in 2004-08. The report was sent to the Council Executive Committee on 10 November, which it approved in principle, and forwarded to the Council for consideration on 24 November.


Budget Committee
Prof David Tong, Deputy President (Designate) was appointed as Deputy Chairman of Budget Committee on 17 October. The group will carry out an overall review of the budget system, the annual budget process, and the formula and model used respectively for setting academic and non-academic budget. Various holders of institutional budgets have also been asked to identify areas where further savings can be made.


Search for SCM Dean
The Search Committee for the Dean of School of Creative Media (SCM) will proceed with a shortlist of four candidates, the President Prof H K Chang told the SCM School Board on 4 November. The list was compiled by the Search Committee, which includes SCM staff representatives. Prof Chang and his senior colleagues met with a number of interested parties, nominated by the Search Committee, during their trips to Europe, Australia and the United States over the past few months. The new Dean, Prof Chang said, should come from "the creative side of business" one who is preferably well-versed in the emerging digital technology and its applications on art.


Tripartite collaboration
The School of Creative Media (SCM) is posied to enter a trilateral collaboration with the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television and the Beijing Film Academy. The "alliance" is built on a common aspiration to expose future generations of media students for a wider international perspective on the unique strengths and experiences each member institution has to offer. SCM is expected to play a pivotal role in the collaboration.

Prof Paul Chu, Prof Haydn Chen, (AP), Prof Lau Tai-chu (BCH) and Prof Y C Chan (EE), clinched four of the five competitive NSFC-RGC Joint Research Scheme in New Materials Science, winning HK$2.6 million in funding. Dr Zhou Nan, MKT, also wins the only award in the management science category. In the 2003-04 round of collaborative projects between local and mainland researchers, CityU scored five successful bids in a total of 18 and accounted for 28% of the total approved funding of HK$10 million. CityU's performance ranks second among the eight institution. Prof Chu's project, with HK$687,400 funding, is the highest of all, even surpassing those in the life sciences category.


More Kudos 
Dr Mark Hayllar, Associate Professor, SA, was awarded the Eastern Regional Organization for the Public Administration's Plaque of Recognition, an award for distinguished public administration practitioners and academics in East Asia from Japan to Australia.

International Conference 2003: Ethnicity in Multicultural AsiaˇXTheory and Findings, organized by Department of Applied Social Studies and the Southeast Asia Research Centre, 27-29 Nov.

Technology Transfer Forums
The second of the series, "Advances in Surface Coating & Testing", organized by the Technology Transfer Office, will take place 21 Nov, at 3pm, Hong Kong Productivity Centre.


The second of the Famous Scholars/Writers Lecture Series, "The Art of Sun Tsz and Management", organized by the Run Run Shaw Library and the Department of Management, will take place Thursday, 4 December, at 4:30-5:30pm, at the Library's Reading/Seminar Room. Renowned columnist Shum Yat-fei will speak.

Arrivals (up to 14 November)
ˇE Dr Howard Leung, Assistant Professor, CEIT
ˇE Ms Anne Scully-Hill, Associate Professor, SLW
ˇE Mr Frank Huang Xianfeng, Lecturer, SLW
ˇE Dr Henry Gao Shuchao, Lecturer, SLW


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