Robert Lui Chi-wang

Graduate, College of Business
Council member (2018 – present)
Capital Market Services Group Hong Kong Offering Services Leader,
Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader and Audit & Assurance partner of Deloitte China

“Never say die; never give up.”

Robert Lui Chi-wang graduated from CityU in 2000, with a major in finance, and is currently a CityU Council member. He believes in giving back to his alma mater, so he has been actively involved in alumni activities since 2008, participating in various alumni bodies, including the CityU Convocation and Eminence Society.

Robert learned from his father, who is also an accountant, about the importance of finance and accounting in business operations. When he was about to graduate from secondary school, he heard an excellent review of the finance programme at CityU, so he decided to study here. At university, Robert wanted to improve his communication and presentation skills to better equip himself for the future, so he took part in various extra-curricular activities, such as the Student Ambassador programme and his department society to enrich his school life and enhance his interpersonal skills. After graduation, he was hired by one of the industry-leading professional services firms, Deloitte, in which he is now a partner.

Robert Lui (front row, 6th from right) was chairman of the CityU Convocation from 2018 to 2021.
Robert Lui (3rd from left) invited the China Women’s National Volleyball Team to CityU.

The Convocation donated masks to charity during the pandemic when Robert Lui (right) was chairman.

During his early years at CityU, Robert received support from family and peers, yet he was unsure about himself and his career path. Luckily, he met a mentor, Professor Edmond Ko, who inspired him to think ahead and prepare for the future.

At Deloitte, he sometimes conducted job interviews with students from CityU and noticed areas in which he could help them improve so that they are better prepared for interviews. This motivated him to join the Eminence Society, a senior alumni organisation, of which he is one of the founding members, and later, in 2012, he became a member of the CityU Convocation Standing Committee. He was chairman of the Convocation during the pandemic and led the Convocation to donate masks to charities to show our care for the local community.

Sports has been one of Robert’s passions since secondary school, and he is also a member of CityU Delegation at the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon, which comprises a number of passionate runners. As an independent director of the Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China, he invited the China Women’s National Volleyball Team to CityU to share their spirit and determination in striving to become national athletes. He also combined his passion for sports and his knowledge of the business world to mentor a fitness centre-related start-up under the HK Tech 300 programme.  

“Never say die; never give up” has been one of Robert’s mottos since his teenage years. As a sportsman, setbacks are inevitable. Only by embracing this mindset can one gain mental and physical strength. He said he believes that when facing an obstacle or challenge in life or at work, staying positive is the key and that a solution will eventually surface.

In the future, as a member of the Council, he said he would like to promote CityU to employers in the rest of the Greater Bay Area and the world.

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