Mahir Labib (left)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
President, Global Ambassador Club 2023

Hailey Haewon Jung (middle)

Bachelor of Business Administration
External Vice President, Global Ambassador Club 2023

Pang Kusuma Jaipiam (right)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Internal Vice President, Global Ambassador Club 2023

“Let’s celebrate campus diversity!”

Global Festival Night was one of the key events organised by the GAC.
The GAC hosted an Appreciation Dinner for 100 guests.

With strong determination to represent and serve the international community and foster bonds among students of diverse cultural backgrounds, Mahir, Pang, and Hailey joined the Global Ambassador Club (GAC) as cabinet members in 2023. Mahir, Pang, and Hailey came to study at CityU from Bangladesh, Thailand and Korea, respectively. They were drawn to CityU for various reasons, such as the scholarships offered by CityU, the exchange programmes, dual-degree opportunities, and most importantly, the internationalised campus.

The GAC is a non-local student organisation comprising student leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds, who play a pivotal role in promoting internationalisation at CityU. Each year, the Club organises multiple events, such as Global Festival Night, a Blood Donation Drive, Freshman Orientation, and leisure activities, like hiking and biking, to foster friendships among members of different cultural backgrounds.

Mahir formed the cabinet because he wanted to contribute to the CityU community. He wanted to form a team and a family that work towards a common goal. With Pang and Hailey serving as the Internal Vice President and External Vice President, respectively, this dynamic trio is determined to bring about change in the GAC.

The initial stages were not without challenges. Hailey explained that working as a team was challenging because of the different perspectives and priorities of the members. But thanks to a clear decision-making process and transparency, they gradually worked well together, and everything went smoothly. She said she believes that ownership and a strong determination to contribute to the GAC are the key ingredients to the team's success.

To welcome the freshmen, they organised a two-day Orientation Camp in September with over 100 participants. Multiple activities, from treasure hunts to human bingo, were lined up. Unfortunately, the person in charge fell ill before the event. The team immediately went into contingency mode and thanks to their collective efforts in working towards a common goal, the Orientation Camp went smoothly. Pang recalled that it was one of her most memorable moments in the cabinet.

One of the events they are most proud of is the Appreciation Dinner. The event was a first-ever for the GAC, with 100 guests from 11 non-local student groups, as well as former student representatives of the GAC, who got together to pay tribute to those who have contributed to the work and development of GAC over the past few years.

Through their unique experience at CityU, they have learned the importance of a growth mindset, empathy, and ownership as core attributes of being good leaders.

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