CityU’s Policy and Guidelines for the Use of the University’s Name, Visual Identity and Trade Marks defined the approval authority to approve the use of the University’s name and visual identity. Based on the published policy and guidelines, the President has delegated the authority to the Director of Communications and Public Relations to approve the use of the University’s Name, Visual Identity, and Trademarks, including but not limited to the following cases:

  1. Use in connection with an outside organisation/institution;
  2. Use in connection with commercial enterprises or trade associations representing commercial enterprises;
  3. The use may carry a potential for financial, legal or reputational risk to the University

The Communications and Public Relations Office is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the implementation of the published policy and guidelines. To facilitate review and approval process, please refer to the following guidelines for approval requests:


Business Card Related Approval Requests

Approval is based on:

  • The printed title being a university centrally recognized title (but not limited to functional title)
  • Line Manager (Dean or equivalent) approval having been obtained
  • Explanation of how the business card issuance will assist the requestor in carrying out CityU external activities
  • Terms of the requestor’s appointment, which should normally exceed at least one year



Logo Usage Requests

Approval is based on:

  • The promoted activity supporting CityU’s external recognition
  • Activity / logo use being commensurate with CityU’s reputation and values
  • Endorsement by the Head of Department or Line Manager having been obtained
  • Use of the CityU logo conforming to the prevailing Corporate Identity Manual published by Communications & Public Relations Office