Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

MA Integrated Marketing Communication (MAIMC)



The curriculum of the MAIMC program is modeled after leading programs in such universities as Northwestern University in the United States , consisting of four integrated components: 1) advertising, 2) public relations, 3) marketing, and 4) new media technologies.

By emphasizing analytical approach, rigorous research, creative and compelling content development and emerging technologies, we provide our students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to meet today's marketing challenges with creativity and innovation.

Study Schedule/Progress Chart

Semester A Semester B Summer
Full-time Study Mode:
Four Required Core Courses:
COM5104, COM5106, COM5401, COM5402

One Required Elective Course
Three Required Core Courses:
COM5111, COM5403, COM5405

Two Required Elective Courses
One Elective (pending the availability of resources)
Part-time Study Mode:
Year 1
One Required Core Courses:

One Required Elective Course
Two Required Core Courses:
COM5106, COM5405

One Required Elective Course
One Elective (pending the availability of resources)
Year 2
Two Required Core Courses:
COM5104, COM5401
Two Required Core Courses:
COM5111, COM5403

One Required Elective Course

1. To complete this programme, each student is required to take and pass SEVEN designated core courses and THREE elective courses (altogether 30 credits).

2. Students are encouraged to take courses offered in regular Semesters A & B.

3. Course offering in summer is optional, pending the availability of resources.