Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

BA Digital Television and Broadcasting (BATVB)

Admission Code: 1356A
Mode of Study: Full-time
Normal Period of Study: 4 years (Normative 4-year degree) / 3 years (Advanced Standing I)/
2 years (Advanced Standing II)
Mode of Funding: Government-funded
Major Leader: Dr LIN Fen
Tel:+(852) 3442 8691

Programme Aims

The major aims to train students to be professionals in the digital television and broadcasting industry. It puts students on the forefront of broadcasting technology and enables them to learn a broad range of digital media skills, concepts, content, forms, trends and terminologies. It develops and extends students’ creative potential and nurtures their entrepreneurial expertise in such a way that encourages them to explore, discover and present unique peculiarities of social realities. It prepares graduates to take up the artistic, innovative, technological and management role in the ever changing media sector such as television and broadcasting carried through various channels, such as terrestrial airwaves, satellite, cable, CCTV, the Internet, and mobile platforms