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Yin LU 呂吟

Ph.D. Student

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Email: yinlv2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

I am currently a doctoral student interested in mass media and public opinion.


Lu, Y. (2010). National Day Parade and National Image: An analysis of U.S. Mainstream Media. News World, 12: 88-89.

Lu, Y. (2010). Promote Industrial Upgrading through Government Policy: The Inspiration of Hang Zhou National Animation Industry Base. 2010: Blue Book of China Media Report: 188-190.

Conference papers

Lu, Y (2011). Public Crisis and Mirco-blogging Communication, presented in The 3th Postgraduate Student Symposition of the Chinese Journalism and Communication Consortium.

Lu, Y. (2012). Reporting public opinion polls in China, presented in The 65th Annual Conference of World Association for Public Opinion Research.

Song, Y., Lu, Y., Chang, T. K., Huang, Y. (2015). How the News Media in China Use Opinion Polls Online and Offline: The Emergent Ecology of Participatory Journalism in an Authoritarian Space, presented in the International Communication Association's 65th Annual Conference.


BA Advertising (Zhejiang University)

MA Communication (Zhejiang Universitiy)