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BA (Graceland University), MFA (Ohio State University)

Ph.D. Student

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Contact Information

Office: M5102
Email: blovric2@cityu.edu.hk
Website: www.brunolovric.com
Personal CV: Personal CV
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Research Interests

  • Film
  • Soft Power
  • Nationalism
  • International Politics
  • Pop Culture
Bruno Lovric is a PhD candidate at City University of Hong Kong's department of Media and Communications. He holds an MFA degree in Acting from the Ohio State University and his research interests include Performing Arts, Contemporary East Asia, Popular Culture and Nationalism. He (co)authored peer-reviewed articles involving the issues of soft power, transnational pop culture and entertainment. Lovric is in the process of finalizing the PhD thesis which examines nationalism in the Balkans and the issues of national identity in Croatia. For more information, please visit www.brunolovric.com

Conference Papers

  • August 2018, "Chinese Film Abroad: Balancing Soft Power and Orientalist Stereotypes in the "Big Three" Film Festivals"; AEJMC 101st Annual Conference in Washington DC (USA)
  • April 2017, "Orientalist Selections in International Film Festivals"; Ubiquitous Cinema - Education, Mobility, and Storytelling Conference; Beijing Film Academy (China)
  • November 2016, "The Bitter Side of Sugar: Effects of Multimodality on Health Information Learning and Behavioral Changes"; NCA 102nd Annual Convention in Philadelphia,(USA)
  • July 2015, "Hallyu goes to (Latin) America: a survey of K-pop and K-drama fandom in Spanish speaking countries" at The 9th International Convention of Asia Scholars in Adelaide, (Australia); Presented by Madrid Morales, Daniel
  • November 2015, "Asian Soft Power and Film" at Centre for Cultural Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, SAR China
  • November 2014, "Communicating Japan's Identity: Popular Films and Soft Power" at The Fifth Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2014 (MediAsia2014) in Osaka (Japan)
  • September 2014, "Harnessing the Soft Power: What Stories do Chinese Movies Tell about China?" at China's Media Go Global Conference in Tsinghua University, Beijing (China)


  • Lovric, B. (2018)."Soft Power and Film: Image of China in International Film Festivals" - Under Review
  • Lovric, B. (2018). "From Film Stories to National Soft Power: Policies and Film Content of South Korea, Japan and China" in Palgrave Handbook for Asian Cinema, doi: 10.1057/978-1-349-95822-1; isbn: 978-1-349-95821-4
  • Lovric B., Liu B. and Scialpi V. (2018). "Consumer Behavior and Popular Media: Multimodal Effects of a Documentary “The Men Who Made Us Fat”; International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research, Vol. 6, Issue 4
  • Madrid-Morales, D. and Lovric, B. (2015). ‘“Transatlantic connection”: K-pop and K-drama fandom in Spain and Latin America’, Journal of Fandom Studies 3(1), pp. 23–41, doi: 10.1386/jfs.3.1.23_1
  • Lovric, B. (2015).“Soft Power”, Journal of Chinese Cinemas, doi: 10.1080/17508061.2016.1139798, issn: 1750-807X

Teaching Experience

(Instructor of Record)

  • 2017-2018 Fundamentals of Advertising [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2017 International Communication [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2016-2017 Communication Fundamentals [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2006-09 Introduction to Theatre [Ohio State University]
  • 2006-09 Fundamentals of Acting [Ohio State University]

(Course TA)

  • 2014-2015 Graffiti as Graphic and Global Communication [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2015 International Communication [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2015 Global Communication [City University of Hong Kong]
  • 2016 Fundamentals of Media & Communication [City University of Hong Kong]

Invited Guest Lectures

  • November (2018); "Internet Communication: Digital Storytelling"; [City University of Hong Kong]
  • November (2018); "Public Speaking and Theatre Techniques"; [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University]
  • November (2017); "Public Speaking and Storytelling"; [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University]
  • May (2016); “ICA Conference Presentations: Tips and Practices”; [City University of Hong Kong]
  • October (2016); "The impact of clients' oral ‘pitch’ presentation skills on business angels' initial screening decisions"; [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University]
  • October (2015); "Selling Your Idea: Drama Skills and Storytelling in the Public Presentation"; [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University]
  • Febraury (2015); "Acting Tecniques for Public Speaking"; [Savannah College of Art and Design]