Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Online Symposium : When Big Data Meets Sociological Imagination

09 Jun 2022 (Thu)

The Digital Society research cluster online symposium “When Big Data Meets Sociological Imagination” is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and co-hosted by the Department of Media and Communication and Department of Chinese and History at the City University of Hong Kong, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences at Zhejiang University, on 15 June 2022 [Hong Kong, UTC/GMT+8].
In February 2009, Science published an article by 15 leading scientists calling for Computational Social Science as a new research paradigm of social sciences. More than a decade has passed. With the advancement of information and communication technologies, the dramatic increase in information storage capacity and computational power has made big data a powerful research tool for tracing human’s digital footprints and enabling the integration of explanation and prediction when tackling social problems. Even though the Big Data movement has made fruitful progress, salient and intrinsic challenges have emerged in different aspects. Now the research communities are standing at the cross-road facing the challenges of how to develop and apply big data to accumulate, verify and disseminate knowledge on collective human behavior to serve long-term public interests. To this end, this symposium is an effort to explore the further steps in the Big Data movement in social science.
To attend the symposium, please register in advance at, after which you will receive a unique link for your online participation through Zoom.