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Dr. LIU Xiaofan gave a lecture for the “Science in the Public Service” campaign

22 Nov 2021 (Mon)

On November 20, 2021, Dr. LIU Xiaofan gave a lecture at the Hong Kong Science Museum for the “Science in the Public Service” (SIPS) campaign. The event was held in a mixed mode of offline and online. A total of 130 audiences attended the lecture. Dr. LIU’s talk focused on the data disclosure and privacy issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. He reviewed the awakening process of the public’s privacy concern in human history and pointed out the differences between the East and the West. Dr. LIU further discussed the common non-pharmaceutical interventions for the pandemic control introduced by global governments, their privacy problems, and government responses.

SIPS is a joint campaign organized by government bureau/departments and other organizations to promote their scientific work and application of technology to provide services for the general public. Dr. LIU’s talk is part of its 15th anniversary series of activities. This talk is also part of the Grand Challenges ICODA pilot initiative, delivered by Health Data Research UK and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Minderoo Foundation.